Jan 22, 2019

Morton Released from Prison

After being convicted of 50 federal crimes and defrauding the government and the unsuspecting out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Morton has finally been released from federal prison after serving a mere 16 months of what was originally to be a 24 month sentence.

Oops, sorry, not that Morton...the other one.  Melissa Ann Morton (aka Melissa Thomson) was ordered to report to a halfway house in the Central Los Angeles area after being released from federal prison.

Melissa Morton and her co-defendant/convicted felon husband, Sean David Morton, were both arrested by federal agents after departing a conspiracy themed cruise in 2016.  The Mortons had been indicted by a federal grand jury on 56 counts each for filing false tax returns and fraudulently obtaining a nearly $500,000.00 tax refund.  The Mortons also charged people in a bogus debt redemption scheme claiming they could erase anyone's debt through a bonding process even though Morton had knowledge the process did not work.

After a jury trial, The Mortons were both found guilty and later sentenced to federal prison.  Sean David Morton is still serving his sentence in federal prison and is likely to be released in 2022.

From prison, Sean David Morton has continued making a string of predictions and some outlandish claims.  Morton claimed the 2018 wild fires in California that broke out took place because he was removed from the state, claiming that were he ever to leave California by choice or by force that disaster would strike the state.  Several people died in those fires, were reported missing, and/or lost their homes and possessions.

This is not the first time The Mortons have bilked people out of money.  The SEC sued The Mortons in 2013 for engaging in what they called a "psychic scheme" where about 100 investors lost $5,000,000.00 by investing money with Morton who claimed he could make people rich by predicting the stock market.  SEC investigators found Morton never accurately predicted the market and that Morton and his wife had funneled funds from investors into shell companies and their personal banking accounts.  Among the investors was an elderly woman who lost her life savings.

Sean David Morton was exposed in a 2001 investigation by ufowatchdog.com where many of his educational and background claims were found to be false.  Morton later claimed he was the subject of libel and unsuccessfully sued ufowatchdog.com.


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I hope you all die in a fire 🔥

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"I hope you all die in a fire 🔥"

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