Jan 28, 2019

MUFON: The Inside Truth 2

If you missed the first part, you can read about it here and there is a link to what Phil Leech originally wrote.  There clearly are continuing problems in MUFON and considering that a chaneler and a bigot sit in the inner circle of MUFON, this latest comes as no surprise...

MUFON the Inside Truth – Part 2
After the release of MUFON the Inside Truth Part 1. It was my hopes a timely reply by those involved would occur. The following information should clear up a few things and I would imagine create even more questions / concerns for everyone.
Since the release of my first letter I have spoken with the MUFON Executive Director along with a lengthy Interview with two members of the MUFON Board of Directors. With the largest part of the conversation directed around Chase’s (D.O.I.) actions and decisions or lack of. Truthfully the reply Chase provides should be even more concerning. Even more than I could imagine.
Chase’s own comments only enforces my concerns stated in my previous letter. I will explain below these concerns using Chase’s own replies. Thank You Chase for making this easy for me to respond and others to see the truth. Now where to begin.
First off, the “Control Freak” comment. I cannot imagine you think I am the only person that thinks that. Or maybe you are so naïve to your surroundings you are unable to see it. I promise since the first letter I have heard this same thing from way too many current MUFON members concerned about this same issue. Believe what you want if that helps.
Chase’s Reply: “The ultimate violation of confidentiality! The worst action one can perform in this field as NOW...who will trust you?”
Maybe I am missing something, but the trust issue is something you betrayed not me. You are the first person who began telling this story outside of the S.A.T Team. It is you that let the one piece of evidence that could prove life outside this planet exist leave MUFON’s control. You are the Director of Investigations and you only seen a way to increase your portfolio. By your own comment Chase “No one should trust you”
Chase’s own reply: “No. It was never turned over to TTSA or AATIP but it was Lue Elizondo with the production company from A&E that picked it up for transport. The ownership and analysis remained in the name of MUFON, in fact A.D.A.M. TTSA nor AATIP know nothing of the details of the implant and are NOT briefed on any results. The results and full report will be released by the original lead investigators in Oklahoma and the Special Assignment Team.”
After 50 years of searching for the truth why would you or anyone else turn over the one piece of evidence that could prove this all to a Production Company. Again, am I missing something. Your own words state you were trying to find a Lab to do research on the Implant. You thought giving it to a Production company was a good choice (do they have a credited lab at their beckon call). Was this choice the best you could do to get something into the proper accredited hands. As Director of Investigations this by far shows incompetence and should be addressed in detail by the Executive Director along with the MUFON Board of Directors.
As for your own admission to me by email and phone conversation allowing Mr. Elizondo to pick up the Implant was nothing more than another chance for you (Chase) to grab another opportunity. Per your own words to me “It was a mistake and you are now upset with the decision. Stating you don’t know if MUFON will ever see the Implant again”.
This is just another clear example where you discredit yourself. Questioning your ability to maintain the Director of Investigations position within MUFON to say the least. There is simply too much at stake and there are a lot of Investigators that depend on the correct decisions being made at the Executive level.
I can’t even begin to understand why you were freely releasing sensitive S.A.T. information to me and I would guess others as well.
Speaking of S.A.T. Lets do some math. Below is Chase’s own statement.
“In 2017-2018, SAT was responsible for 8 of the 12 investigation covers of the MUFON Journal.”
Wow, if this doesn’t prove exactly what everyone thinks I am not sure what would. Chase states that 8 out 12 Journal issue covers were S.A.T. Team investigations.
MUFON receives between 6 to 8 thousand reports per year. The odds that the S.A.T. team would get 8 out of 12 top case investigations used in the MUFON Journal for that year is astronomical. (S.A.T. according to Chase only get cases that are called into Headquarters, walk-ins, or there are no investigators in that state or country to investigate the Event).
Chase will be the first to tell you the S.A.T. Team “Does Not” investigate cases that are submitted into the Case Management System (where almost all reports are reported to). However, I mentioned an event that occurred in Mexico in my first letter (a report was filed in the C.M.S.system) where it was very clear how she (Chase) circumvented the entire situation to get the possible crashed UFO / evidence case into the S.A.T. Team with the (Mexico) submitted case closed with no investigation. As for working with other Organizations that is very true. It is not true that MUFON uses non-members on an active case investigation. This is noted in the State Director Manual. Another clear attempt to circumvent the situation in favor of one person’s goals. If as you claim your “people were working the case along with Texas MUFON where is the original case report, or report filed by an Investigator. It does not exist publicly and you know it.
Background checks, Chase’s comment,
“MUFON investigators are not instructed to do that and it has stopped.”
Chase was very aware of this issue for weeks prior to my letter as I sent emails addressing this issue. Another level of incompetence that took a drastic measure to correct. Her (Chase’s) own statement shows these comprehensive checks were being conducted with her knowledge for weeks with no response on her part. Clearly another lack of professionalism that should be questioned.
I was not looking for case reports that had not been investigated properly. One of the case’s that came into C.M.S. ended up on the Case of Interest list. I was looking as to why a C.O.I. would be closed so quickly. Upon realizing back-ground checks were being conducted I looked through a small random set of completed cases and found 2 other cases with sensitive information added to the closed report, along with one other case that was closed due to the witness not having a valid driver’s license. All with no attempted contact with the witness based upon the back-ground check findings. An email at the least could have been sent out, an attempt to interview the witness and complete the report. How many times have we heard “No one contacted the Witness.” Guess we have part of that reason now.
As for the case I mentioned in my previous letter containing a comprehensive list of witness medications. I have looked at thousands of cases and can say I have never seen this in any other case. Concerning or not it is up to the reader and MUFON. At best it was an error in judgement.
I would like to state Investigator safety is and always has been my top priority. I highly recommend safety first. However, if there were cases in question those case(s) could have been sent up the ladder and dealt with easily.
Now, because of inaction by the D.O.I. for weeks, the Back-Ground check issue will survive for some time. Or would you (Chase) preferred waiting for someone to find out and take legal action. A serious issue and again no competent direction.
The Strategic Review Team, Chase’s reply to my original letter below:
“She is a former Naval Commander with a huge imprint in the Pentagon. She has worked with the top officials in our Defense Department. Yes, she has had some intelligence background. (ALL military do these days at some degree). Her "JOB" is in messaging and helping us get to the State Directors and FIs, talking points about the latest trending information. She is also assist in the creation of our congressional dossier. It's a MEDIA position and there is NO tenure in MUFON.”
This reply itself shows an attempt to downplay the entire issue. This is nothing more than an attempt to “place” the right person in a sensitive position within the organization. A non-MUFON member (sorry she bought the manual) with no experience in the field. How can this be an asset when that person has no idea what a good or bad case would even look like. Let alone react to social media trends when a comprehensive background in the field would be the clear choice of credentials for this position. Chase clearly states with “A huge imprint in the Pentagon” are you hearing yourself at all.
I spoke directly (per Chase’s wishes) with this new Director. The conversation started with an in-depth rather impressive career history containing numerous classified credentials which included holding a high ranking Naval Counter Intelligence position with top level security clearances (her words). I questioned her background in the field it is then I began to question why not use someone in the organization with some background in the field at the least. The name of the team is the Strategic Review Team directed by someone with (Chase’s own words) no tenure. Another attempt to “place” the right people in the right place?
With the constant conversation of MUFON being infiltrated throughout the years I cannot say it is a decision that much thought went into, or maybe it did. Another clear choice made by the D.O.I. without regard for the membership.
Not to mention MUFON has a paid employee that covers the Media Department. And YES Chase, it is refereed to as MUFON Media, you know that. I have an I.D. card that says Associate Producer MUFON Media on it. Nice try though.
More comments by Chase:
“Maybe this is the ultimate lesson to use the MUFON grievance instruction), instead of publicly outing your own actions of fake facts and dishonest conclusions.“
I do not need to use any grievance procedure if I feel threatened as pertaining to me retaining my position within MUFON or wrongdoing that could affect the Organization. Under the Whistle Blower Act of 1970 pertaining to Non-Profit Organizations I can use the public format to discuss my concerns. Since I did not resign my position or membership within MUFON, since the release of my concerns I have been demoted to Field Investigator, this clearly violates the guidelines that govern the Whistle Blowers Act and can / will be addressed accordingly.
Another one of Chase’s Comments:
“Working closely in National? He has quit 3 times since I have been DOI and has an accumulated barely 90 days in any position during my time as DOI.”
Let me clear some of this up. I went through every step (position) in Indiana MUFON eventually holding the State Director Position.
In 2018 I developed and Directed Project Match between MUFON and NICAP, I worked with Roger Marsh contributing to the Case of Interest Book released in 2018, spending an average of 15-20 hours per week for 4 ½ months to complete case research for the book. I also developed and Directed the Case Review Team.
As for resigning that is true, I resigned to my own convictions surrounding MUFON and its affiliation with a known Cult group in California. I was against this concept and did resign. Mr. Harzan clarified some information surrounding that claim, at which time I continued my membership. In 2018 after the development of Project Match, C.O.I. book, along with my own personnel life my Celiac Disease got the best of me for a few months. I was inactive, however, returning in a few months Directing and creating the Case Review Team.
Not so sure Chase has room to talk, having resigned herself in the past. Not to mention only holding a title of Field Investigator once she returned, then going straight to Director of Investigations (You were the S.T.A.R. Team manager at one point but that was years before you returned. Not so sure you can count the I am a Member for all those years if you only got the MUFON Journal) Was that the “Good ole Boys” way of doing things. Maybe? Bet not then Huh.
Chase’s comment:
“I suspect that the next discussion on Facebook will be that "Chase won't work with me"!!!”
I am not even sure how to answer this. I am sure plenty will work with you, don’t see many having a choice should you retain the D.O.I. position. You dam sure don’t want a vote on it!
As for working with me, I expect nothing. I have told the truth as told to me in emails, phone conversations, social media conversations along with supporting documents. You can spin this any way you want, in the end you and all involved know I told the truth as told to me.
Chase’s Comment:
“My greatest pride in MUFON is the dedication and hard work of SO many thousands in the organization and this starts directly with our State Directors to our Field Investigators. There are simply too many of us to not notice or report unethical or suspicious behavior in our MUFON community.”
Unless I am missing something again there are not thousands of members that have any bearing on MUFON operations. MUFON has under 300 investigators Worldwide. With control by the Executive Director, MUFON Board of Directors, Executive Staff. These thousands of members she mentions have no bearing on issues. I guess Chase is referring to Journal Subscribers or website members. Just another non-factual statement she makes on numerous internet radio shows. Might want to stop that along with speaking about the S.T.A.R Team that exist by name only.
My mention of the MUFON Media Department / T.V. shows stands as is. It will take much more than my statements to ever decipher the truth. This information is closely guarded.
During one of conversations with Chase she spoke on the credibility the Organization would have after the new network shows air. Stating MUFON will suffer worse than they did with the Hanger 1 series. Her statement not mine. I hope she is held accountable for this statement. However, knowing this she still chooses to take roles on these new shows. Guess that makes a statement all by itself.
Chase’s comment:
“This will be the last time I will be involved with this as most know, I will not feed the beast. This drama can suck up major time and energy and I don't have much of either. I am NOT engaging anymore but I am so completely grateful for Jack asking for my side!”
I also am grateful for Jack allowing this discussion to take place. Allowing comments from those involved was very fair.
In return I could not be happier to read Chase’s comments. Allowing me to speak further on each statement. Not to mention her own ability to double talk and divert her way through each issue.
Statements I have made are many that have been discussed in different forms time and time again to no avail. With the dwindling membership numbers in MUFON over the last few years especially maybe it is time to do what is right or these type of concerns will be voiced by others as time passes.
Thank You
Phil Leech

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