Feb 1, 2019

Attack of the Synchronicity

Hellier is about ghost hunters (yes, ghost hunters) who try to follow up on a mysterious email they receive from someone who alleges to be receiving nightly visitations from small, hairless beings with pale skin coming out of an old mine.  The author of the e-mail sends the ghost hunters some pictures of what appears to be a three-toed impression in the mud, and off we go to Hellier, Kentucky where this is allegedly all taking place.  Oh, and the first two ghost hunters are joined by more ghost hunters.

The first episode of this series was simply brilliant, highly entertaining.  You are instantly hooked and want to binge the five episode series.  However, by the third episode it turns into a shamble of paranormal bullshit where synchronicity becomes the theme to explain everything.  The word synchronicity is so oft used that every time it is used, were this a drinking game you'd be dead from alcohol poisoning.

Watching these low grade "investigators" is, in a word, embarrassing.  At every opportunity possible, the group introduce themselves as "paranormal investigators" and wonder why they can't get locals to give them the time of day.  I wonder if Amazon is really hurting this badly for new content.

When this group isn't out investigating, we see them on the porch of their rented cabin meandering about at night and going on about how great each member is and making connections that are convenient enough for them to justify that this is synchronicity pointing them all to something more powerful and meaningful.

It really is clear that while the term investigation is used, this group of people are completely unprepared to do anything close to an actual investigation and instead rely heavily on ghost hunting techniques that have no basis in science.  The scene with the "ghost box", a device that continuously scans radio bands to supposedly assist in communicating with entities, is so utterly stupid that you feel a tinge across your face because you're embarrassed watching the group convincing themselves that something paranormal is happening.

Strange noises begin to be heard all around the cabin!  Something in the vegetation near the cabin can be heard!  The group quickly turns their flashlights and cameras to the area and see...nothing.  The group doesn't use any night vision equipment or thermal sensor device, just flashlights and camera.

One of the cringe worthy moments comes when this gullible and highly susceptible group has already traveled to the Hellier area to conduct their investigation when they have a late night epiphany that the original e-mails they received might have been a hoax after they start checking out the IP addresses associated with the e-mail.  Had they actually done any sort of preliminary investigative work, they might have saved themselves a trip all the way out to Kentucky.

"Outdoor investigations are different than indoor investigations," proclaims one of the "investigators" who relies on Tarot card readings for information and guidance.  

The story tries to tie together Mothman, John Keel, goblins, the 1955 Kelly Hopkinsville UFO case, and anything it can to create an air of an ominous force at work using synchronicity to show them all that there is something more than meets the eye.

At the end of the fifth episode, you see the setup for a second season and it is right there you're hoping for anything but a second season of this complete nonsense unless it involves the group getting attacked by a pack of goblins in a mine shaft.

This series is available on Amazon Prime, but you can also see it on YouTube.

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