Jan 5, 2021

Bunk Psychic Released from Prison


Sean David Morton at LAX in Los Angeles
after being released from federal prison.
Bunk psychic and convicted fraudster Sean David Morton has been released from federal prison after serving 40 months of what was supposed to be a 72 month sentence stemming from multiple felony convictions that included defrauding the IRS out of nearly $500,000.00 and filing false tax returns.

Morton and his wife were both convicted in 2017 for their involvement in not only only defrauding the government, but also their involvement in a straw-man redemption scheme in which victims were conned into paying Morton to file false bonds to pay off their debt.

Morton's wife, who was also convicted in the scheme, served half of a 24 month sentence.

All the bonds submitted were rejected and The Mortons received warnings from the state of California as well as the IRS that the bonds were not legal. In spite of these multiple warnings and having knowledge the bonds did not work, The Mortons continued charging people and filing the bogus bonds. The New York Times did an in-depth story about Morton and the scam.

Agents from the IRS later served a search warrant on the apartment Morton was residing in. After being convicted, Morton failed to show up for a sentencing hearing and both he and his wife were later apprehended at a hotel where Morton had been hiding out.

While the Federal Bureau of Prisons did not respond to a request for comment, Morton likely was released due to the pandemic and the impact it is having on inmates and corrections staff across the country.

During his time in prison, Morton filed a number of babbling and incoherent briefs with the court to overturn his conviction and for his early release with every filing being denied.  Morton also posted a story allegedly written by another inmate named Fabian recounting what supposedly took place in prison, including Morton doing some Matrix moves on another inmate and getting letters in prison from the White House.

Melissa Morton (left) and Sean David Morton
prior to their legal troubles.
This was not Morton's first run in with the law. In 2013, the SEC sued Morton and his wife, Melissa, for running what the SEC called "a psychic scheme" with Morton claiming he could make them rich by using his so-called psychic powers to predict the stock market.

Over 100 investors lost more than $6,000,000.00 and it was discovered The Mortons moved funds into shell companies and used investor funds for personal expenses. None of Morton's stock market predictions came to pass and several investors lost their life savings with some suing in an attempt to get their money.

In 2003, Morton attempted to sue ufowatchdog.com for $1,000,000 in damages when Morton claimed he had been libeled in the ufowatchdog.com investigation The Shameless Psychic and His Prophecy of Lies, which exposed Morton's false claims about his background and education. Morton was only required to prove a single claim made by ufowatchdog.com was false and he failed to meet this low burden of proof. A judge found for ufowatchdog.com and Morton was ordered to pay $16,000.00 to ufowatchdog.com in legal fees.


expat said...

He's released into Home confinement, but my question is WHAT home? I'm sure I read that the Manhattan Beach house was sold, and I don't know whether Melissa is going to take him in again.

ufowatchdog.com said...

Morton lived in the same apartment for nearly thirty years. I'm informed they were evicted.

Anonymous said...

Missy won't live with him as she blames him for her incarceration. They found someone to put him up for free. I know Sean, and he's even more of an insufferable, self-entitled, angry SOB than he was before his incarceration. He's also dying of Cancer.

Anonymous said...

As of May 2021 he is back in prison. I don’t know the details but I am guessing it was a parole violation of some sort.

Anonymous said...

Sean is back in custody and is being sent back to prison. Do you have any info on what he did to violate the terms of his release?

Concerned Onlooker said...

Sean Morton was rearrested this week and sent back to prison! lol


Anonymous said...

Morton has been re-incarcerated at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina. This is a Level 3 medical center for treating seriously ill prisoners. His release date is 10/24/2022.

Bunk Psychic Released from Prison