Nov 4, 2020

'Psychic' Fails To Foresee Prison Problems


As readers of my blog and old website know, I extensively covered and exposed one of the biggest hucksters in UFOs...

Sean David Morton (pictured left) was one of the most popular guests on the late night radio program Coast To Coast AM appearing numerous times with hosts promoting Morton as the real deal.

This promotion continued after my investigative report exposing many of his background, UFO, psychic and educational claims as false.  Coast To Coast AM hosts (Bell, Noory, and Punnett) were well aware of this information and did nothing.  The hosts were also well aware of Morton's miserable failure to sue me into silence.

Well, that promotion came to a screeching halt when Morton was accused of and later sued successfully by the Securities & Exchange Commission in civil court for defrauding investors out of roughly $6,000,000.00 in what was called a "psychic investment scheme".  Apparently Coast To Coast AM was contacted by federal investigators after Morton made an investor offering on the air and had falsely made claims about an investment group he and his wife were running.  Several investors lost their life savings including an elderly woman.  This made Morton persona non grata on the program - better late than never, I suppose.

With all of these so-called psychic abilities, you'd think Morton would have been able to navigate his way around all this trouble, but no.  Morton was later convicted of dozens of federal crimes involving a tax scheme through which Morton defrauded people and the IRS out of nearly $500,000.00.

Since his conviction and being remanded to the federal department of corrections to serve a 72 month prison sentence (Morton is in federal prison until 2022), Morton filed what might best be described as a mountain of half-baked, disorienting, nonsensical court filings attempting to overturn his conviction.

If the dizzying array of legal gibberish Morton unleashed wasn't enough, you can read a post that I believe was written by Morton telling of his amazing powers in prison including Neo-like Matrix moves on body building thugs, letters sent to him in prison for the White House, and more.  Morton has also claimed for months now that he would soon be released from prison.

On September 28, 2020, a California Federal Court denied Morton's latest petition for early release citing Morton's baseless claims, though Morton previously claimed to be a Constitutional expert.

So for those of you who have contacted me with info or asking for updates, there you have it.  I won't be writing much, if at all, about Morton as there are far more serious, exciting and important things happening in the UFO field that have my attention and hopefully yours.


TheUFOGuy said...

Looks like he ate David Childress.

expat said...

SDM is now being released into home confinement.

Bunk Psychic Released from Prison