Jan 22, 2019

MUFON: The Inside Truth

UPDATE 01/28/19:  Part two has been published by Phil Leech.

This is a must read about MUFON written by Phil Leech who has served in MUFON as the Director of Case Review, Associate Producer of MUFON Media, Case Assistance Member, and CMS Administrator.  Leech has now been demoted to a field investigator position after releasing his five page public letter addressing his concerns about the MUFON organization.  I'd go into detail here but don't want to waste space when you can read about it here.  Possible HIPPA violations, criminal background checks being done on witnesses, compartmentalized investigations not shared with the public, alleged nepotism, power struggles, money grabs...it all sounds chaotic.

So far, it looks like MUFON is denying the allegations, but with the past nonsense that has taken place in that organization it would not surprise me.  Just today Ben Moss, who served as MUFON's Chief Field Investigator for Virginia, resigned from the organization posting the following on Facebook:

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