Aug 17, 2007

Korff vs. Randle and the Great Roswell Debate

Looks like Paul Kimball has made an offer too good to refuse by inviting Kal K. Korff to a live, moderated debate with Kevin Randle over their conflicting views on Roswell. Kevin Randle immediately agreed to the debate while the word is not in on Korff.

I've remained quiet on the subject of Korff after having my say last January, as I feel that providing attention to a nut only fuels their lunacy and usually at the expense of decent people. But since Korff is still flapping his jaw I will be addressing Kolonel Kooky and his mania here shortly and then bid this goofball Korff adieu. Anyhow...

I took this screenshot off Korff's website so he can't pull his usual hit-and-run antic of posting something and then removing it or changing it. Since Korff claims he has never lost a structured debate, then I suppose he has no excuse for not accepting the invitation. So, will Korff step up or slither away? I'd bet on the latter and wonder what excuse Korff may offer to bow out.

I ask that anyone reading this blog (hello, anyone out there?) submit their own Korff excuse. I'll start:

" I did not receive this invitation because I was out involved in a super duper top secret McOperation. Duh! Where the hell is my ketchup and toy surprise?! "

A bit lame, yes, but it is a start. Below is what Paul Kimball posted and I know it has made the rounds far and wide...

Korff vs. Randle and the Great Roswell Debate

A few days ago, Kal Korff called Major Kevin Randle a "coward" for allegedly refusing to debate Mr. Korff on the X-Zone radio show about the Roswell case. Of course, no direct invitation or offer was sent to Major Randle, other than the one that Mr. Korff made on the radio show in passing - a show that Major Randle does not listen to. Hardly a bona fide invitation.

Mr. Korff also never mentioned that Mr. Randle
has already debated him, back at the height of Roswell's popularity.

No matter, because the X-Zone would hardly have been a neutral forum in which to hold such a debate anyway. The host, Rob McConnell, is a well-known
ETH skeptic (to say the least), and often mocks and ridicules proponents of the Roswell case in particular. He is also a friend of Mr. Korff's, and Mr. Korff serves as the "European Bureau Chief" for the X-Zone. In short, on top of the invitation not being bona fide (as it was not directly communicated to major Randle), the X-Zone is not a neutral site for any debate between Mr. Korff and Major Randle.

Halifax, on the other hand, is just such a place.

Accordingly, I extend to Mr.
Korff and Major Randle the following offer.

Redstar Films Limited will fly each of you to Halifax, Nova Scotia, at a time of mutual convenience within the next eight months, for a live debate about the Roswell case.

Now, as I am a friend of Major
Randle's, I will not be involved in any way, other than paying the airfare, hotel costs, and a per diem for both Mr. Korff and Major Randle, and arranging the venue, most likely at one of Halifax's universities, but possibly at a public library or some other site.

To make sure that Mr. Korff cannot claim any bias here, we would use a moderator qualified by the Nova Scotia Debating Society. The debate would be conducted under cross-examination rules, which means that Mr. Korff and Major Randle would be able to ask each other questions in a structured setting. Finally, it would be conducted in front of a live audience, and video-taped for DVD, broadband and possibly television distribution. Half of the profits, after my costs for staging the debate were recouped, would go to an American military-related veteran's charity or organization that Mr. Korff and Major Randle mutually agreed upon. The other half of the profits would go to a similar Canadian-related veteran's charity or organization.

This invitation will be sent directly to Mr. Korff and Major Randle. It will be posted to UFO Updates, and to a number of message forums to which I belong. I will forward it to The Daily Grail and the Anomalist.

Mr. Korff and Major Randle will have one week to respond - by August 20, 2007 - at which time, if one of them has not responded, I will consider that a "no" and the offer will be pulled off the table.

Paul Kimball

5 comments: said...

Korff excuse number-one:

" I did not receive this invitation because I was out involved in a super duper top secret McOperation. Duh! Where the hell is my ketchup and toy surprise?! "

Roger Kenny said...

Korff is a blowhard. Always has been and always will be. He likes the fight until someone slaps him back and he crawls off, curls up in a corner and lays down and dies. Just ask Jim Diletosso about his lawsuit against Korff and how fast Korff ran for the hills.

Korff's excuse: We will do this at a place and time of OUR CHOOSING. STOP TRYING TO PUT WORDS IN MY MOUTH! I will not change my STANDARDS for you!

Anonymous said...

Korff will say he was kidnapped by terrorists but was able to escape and kill 50 terrorists with a gum wrapper, a paper clip, and some pocket lint because he is the greatest mind on the earth. That fool MacGyver ain't got jack on Korff!

Maestro said...

Kal Korff recently took up ballroom dancing and will not be able to debate anyone and he will not be available to hunt down terrorists until the tango is mastered. Thank you for your cooperation.

Anonymous said...

How bout, "Sean David Morton and I were deep beneath the Sphinx discovering the ufo bigfoot used to travel from the pleaides."

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019