31 May 2014

Thirdphaseofmmon caught hoaxing...again.

While this video is a bit long, it is worth watching.  The short of it is this:  Blacke Cousins (who runs Thirdphaseofmoon) claims he traveled to the Philippines to investigate an alleged monster sighting caught on film.  The video shows Cousins hopping into a back of a truck and traveling to what he calls a remote village.  The problem is that he isn't in the Philippines, he's actually in Hawaii and this whole thing is clearly staged.

Some allege that Cousins and his cohorts are receiving quite a bit of money from their YouTube ad revenue streams and that the majority of their UFO videos are hoaxed.  It is clear that a number of the UFO videos shown on the Thirdphaseofmoon channel are hoaxed.

16 May 2014


Thirdphaseofmoon, a prolific UFO video channel hosted by a guy named Blake Cousins, has posted this silly video in which he and someone else associated with Thirdphaseofmoon ramble on about how this video from the ISS (see below) shows a "craft" that "stalks" the ISS.  They also go on to talk about how this is likely a "mothership" UFO.

Had they taken fifteen seconds and watched the video closely instead of wetting their pants and screaming aliens, they'd find this is likely a reflection and nothing less.  During the video you can see a shadow on the ISS in the lower left hand corner.  As the shadow moves over the ISS, the lights on the non-existent UFO disappear at the same time.  And there are lights on the ISS that correspond with the lights on Thridphaseofmoon's "mothership" UFO.

Sensationalists with their own agendas - be it fantasy or creating ad revenue from videos - are a big part of the problem why much of this subject is the recipient of ridicule and academic disdain.

17 April 2014

Third Phase Of...Hoax

If you've ever ventured the multitude of UFO videos on YouTube, then you've undoubtedly seen the overly dramatic Blake Cousins (pictured above) who runs Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel dedicated to posting UFO videos with over 150,000 subscribers.  Problem is, a lot of these videos are obviously fake, but promoted on a 'let the public decide' disclaimer topped off with a 'we're not going to suppress the truth' mantra.

The following is listed in the about section of their YouTube channel: "Rated Top Best UFO and Paranormal Video On YOUTUBE! Our goal is simple: To bring unfiltered video, messages & research in the field of ufology directly to the public SUBSCRIBE For more Amazing Video! Join Us on Twitter! For business or promotional enquiries please send your requests to cousinsbrothersproductions-at-gmail.com"

Business and promotional inquiries?  Interesting.

Check this video out where Cousins claims, "We've analyzed these photos and zoomed in one-thousand percent, and as you can see there are birds actually flying and swarming around this massive vehicle."

"The design of this space craft is unbelievable," says Cousins, who has already reached the conclusion that the object in the photos is indeed an intergalactic vehicle.

Wow, you actually zoomed in one-thousand percent?  Nifty.  Too bad this "massive craft" is clearly a UFO toy as demonstrated by the video below.

Cousins gets called out in the below video in a fairly weak back and forth between him and another YouTuber calling herself Sheilaaliens, which is very revealing about Cousins and his take on how to sell sensationalistic material - check it out for yourself:

"It's amazing what people will do for money nowadays," Cousins says dramatically.  Yes it is, especially for that YouTube ad revenue and with some of the worst scripted acting ever filmed - see for yourself what it looks like when you try to build your own credibility by hoaxing yourself exposing a hoax:

02 April 2014

Alleged CIA Agent's UFO Testimony Refuted

An interesting link to a story showing just how easily fooled most UFO investigators are.

Deathbed Testimony Refuted

15 March 2014

Dr. Roger K. Leir passes

Just learned via a Facebook post that Roger Leir passed away.  UFO investigator Peter Robbins posted on Facebook, "Many of us were saddened today to learn of the passing of Dr. Roger Leir yesterday, reportedly of a heart attack...Roger was a good friend and trusted colleague to many of us, and one heck of a nice guy as well."

Leir, a podiatrist best known for his participation in the surgical removal of alleged alien implants, was also was a witness to the controversial Turkey UFO footage, considered by some to be a fake and others to be some of the best UFO video evidence.

Condolences to the Leir family.

04 March 2014

Belgium Triangle UFO Photo Hoax

One of a few photos from the Belgium UFO Wave that perplexed investigators has now been confessed to be a hoax.  The article doesn't give much information, but the name of the photographer is listed only as Patrick M..  A much better article can be read here.

I found it interesting that the photographer says he used slide film, much like UFO frauds Billy Meier and 'Dr. Jonathan Reed'.

28 February 2014

"Dr." Sean David Morton a "legal and constitutional expert"???

I stumbled across some new info on bunk psychic and fraudster Sean David Morton.  It looks like Morton is now calling himself a doctor and claiming to be a "legal and constitutional expert" who can teach you "all the secrets about how to get the government off your back and out of your life once and for all!! About the BOND PROCESS to set- off, settle and discharge ALL DEBT! About the “SUPERMAN PAPERWORK” that gives you Diplomatic Immunity!"

I don't know where Morton is claiming to have obtained his Ph.D., but I'll guess it isn't a law degree from any accredited institution.  Folks, be sure not to take any sort of legal advice from someone who isn't licensed to practice law.  I can assure you that Morton's so-called expertise in the legal and constitutional realms is a joke - he tried pulling this diplomatic immunity nonsense when the Securities & Exchange Commission successfully sued Morton and others for defrauding investors of over $6,000,000.00.  Guess what?  It didn't work because it's utter bullshit.

If there was an actual legal way to "settle and discharge ALL DEBT", everyone would have done it by now.  How this clown can charge people money for this and keep a straight face is repugnant.