02 January 2015

House of Dummies Redux

Just when you thought the rambling legal nonsense couldn't get any worse, now comes House of Dummies Rudex.  I don't think words can adequately describe this train wreck response submitted to the court by Morton.  If you're just catching up to this low grade legal drama, Morton and his co-defendant/wife were defendants in a lawsuit accusing them of defrauding investors out of $6,000,000 in what was called a "psychic scheme".  Morton lost the lawsuit, was ordered to pay $11.5mil, and later filed bankruptcy.

The bankruptcy did not go through as apparently Morton failed to disclose certain information during the bankruptcy.  Since that time, Morton has desperately been trying to get the court to allow the bankruptcy to go forward, even though Morton previously declared during his fraud trial that he was a citizen of New Lemuria and therefor the United States had no jurisdiction over him.

In promotional material, "Dr." Sean David Morton advertises himself as "an expert on constitutional rights, helping people throw off the shackles of an increasingly oppressive government and banking system."

I'm not sure where this so-called expertise or his alleged doctoral status was obtained, but clearly Morton is no constitutional expert.  For a guy who says he can't use US currency, I'm sure he has no problem getting paid in that exact currency for speaking fees.

You have to wonder how a psychic never sees this sort of stuff coming...

13 December 2014

Slander at East Gate?

It looks like trouble might be brewing between Larry Warren and Charles Halt of Rendelsham UFO fame.  Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio, posted the following on his Facebook page:

I awoke this AM at about 6:00 AM and wandered out to the coffee pot, poured myself a cup of "wake-up" and turned on my cell phone and checked my email and FB. My long time friend, Larry Warren had a note up about him being slandered on DARK MATTERS RADIO. Being the host and owner of DMR I knew there was something wrong with this ... I knew it was not my show. Apparently this broadcast ran on the "Dark Matter Radio Network?" I sent Larry a note and we ended up chatting about what went on with retired Lt. Col. Charles Halt of Bentwaters fame. At anyrate I will be interviewing Larry Warren for the one and ONLY Dark Matters Radio on Monday December 15 and this promises to be a "Do Not Miss" episode ONLY ON CyberstationUSA! 

You can tune in here.  I'm not certain of what was allegedly said by Halt, but there is this letter written to Halt way back in 1995 by an attorney representing Warren, and it appears this isn;t the frist time Warren has had a problem with what Halt has said about him:

25 November 2014

A Game of Dummies

A Game of Dummies
Desperate fools do desperate things,
no matter how inept, crazy, or foolish it may make them look

House of Morton.  House of Thomson.  Yes, you have entered A Game of Dummies.

In the wake of a multi-million dollar judgement being issued against Sean David Morton and co-defendant Melissa Ann Thomson/Morton for what the Securities and Exchange Commission called a 'psychic scheme' designed to defraud investors out of millions of dollars, it looks like the 'world's foremost UFO investigator' and his cohort have run into more legal problems.

Morton and his co-defendant/wife filed for bankruptcy only to have the Trustee assigned to the case apparently find that they failed to disclose an interest in a business.  This is a big no-no, especially when you're under oath and expected to give full disclosure to the court.  It looks like the bankruptcy was overturned and Morton and his other half are no longer able to discharge the numerous debts they owe, including a judgement for $11,500,000.00 in relief and fines from Morton's psychic investment gig in which $6,000,000.00 of investor money was lost - including a quarter-million dollars that was diverted into the so-called Prophecy Research Institute.

All throughout the lawsuits filed against Morton and his cohort, they seemed to be good at one thing: filing legal briefs full of babbling twisted legal concepts into what seemed to suit their situation.  In response to the bankruptcy matter, Morton sent a box full of documents to the court with some scribbling that so baffled the judge that the documents were ordered to be recycled.

Not to be dissuaded, no matter how painfully obvious the message, Melissa Ann Morton decided to send this befuddling document to the court proclaiming she was from the House of Thomson and wed to the House of Morton, and that the federal government had to provide her with a suitable currency to use, and she was a "vessel" supposedly "fabricated" by the state of Utah.  Uh... 

31 May 2014

Thirdphaseofmmon caught hoaxing...again.

While this video is a bit long, it is worth watching.  The short of it is this:  Blacke Cousins (who runs Thirdphaseofmoon) claims he traveled to the Philippines to investigate an alleged monster sighting caught on film.  The video shows Cousins hopping into a back of a truck and traveling to what he calls a remote village.  The problem is that he isn't in the Philippines, he's actually in Hawaii and this whole thing is clearly staged.

Some allege that Cousins and his cohorts are receiving quite a bit of money from their YouTube ad revenue streams and that the majority of their UFO videos are hoaxed.  It is clear that a number of the UFO videos shown on the Thirdphaseofmoon channel are hoaxed.

16 May 2014


Thirdphaseofmoon, a prolific UFO video channel hosted by a guy named Blake Cousins, has posted this silly video in which he and someone else associated with Thirdphaseofmoon ramble on about how this video from the ISS (see below) shows a "craft" that "stalks" the ISS.  They also go on to talk about how this is likely a "mothership" UFO.

Had they taken fifteen seconds and watched the video closely instead of wetting their pants and screaming aliens, they'd find this is likely a reflection and nothing less.  During the video you can see a shadow on the ISS in the lower left hand corner.  As the shadow moves over the ISS, the lights on the non-existent UFO disappear at the same time.  And there are lights on the ISS that correspond with the lights on Thridphaseofmoon's "mothership" UFO.

Sensationalists with their own agendas - be it fantasy or creating ad revenue from videos - are a big part of the problem why much of this subject is the recipient of ridicule and academic disdain.

17 April 2014

Third Phase Of...Hoax

If you've ever ventured the multitude of UFO videos on YouTube, then you've undoubtedly seen the overly dramatic Blake Cousins (pictured above) who runs Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel dedicated to posting UFO videos with over 150,000 subscribers.  Problem is, a lot of these videos are obviously fake, but promoted on a 'let the public decide' disclaimer topped off with a 'we're not going to suppress the truth' mantra.

The following is listed in the about section of their YouTube channel: "Rated Top Best UFO and Paranormal Video On YOUTUBE! Our goal is simple: To bring unfiltered video, messages & research in the field of ufology directly to the public SUBSCRIBE For more Amazing Video! Join Us on Twitter! For business or promotional enquiries please send your requests to cousinsbrothersproductions-at-gmail.com"

Business and promotional inquiries?  Interesting.

Check this video out where Cousins claims, "We've analyzed these photos and zoomed in one-thousand percent, and as you can see there are birds actually flying and swarming around this massive vehicle."

"The design of this space craft is unbelievable," says Cousins, who has already reached the conclusion that the object in the photos is indeed an intergalactic vehicle.

Wow, you actually zoomed in one-thousand percent?  Nifty.  Too bad this "massive craft" is clearly a UFO toy as demonstrated by the video below.

Cousins gets called out in the below video in a fairly weak back and forth between him and another YouTuber calling herself Sheilaaliens, which is very revealing about Cousins and his take on how to sell sensationalistic material - check it out for yourself:

"It's amazing what people will do for money nowadays," Cousins says dramatically.  Yes it is, especially for that YouTube ad revenue and with some of the worst scripted acting ever filmed - see for yourself what it looks like when you try to build your own credibility by hoaxing yourself exposing a hoax:

02 April 2014

Alleged CIA Agent's UFO Testimony Refuted

An interesting link to a story showing just how easily fooled most UFO investigators are.

Deathbed Testimony Refuted