Jul 28, 2020

Triangle UFO Video Sought

UPDATE:  Not only was the video found, there is also a second and a third video.  Big thanks to the ever vigilante Fin Handley for finding these videos.

I do not know the provenance of this video and have zero info on it, I'd like that to change.

I'm very interested in the video where a person can be heard talking about a spotlight, shines a light on something and exclaims, "Ha!"  This clip appeared on Unidentified (S2E2).  

Many suggestions were made, but nobody has been able to connect me with the full video and/or info on it.  I'm wholly fascinated with triangle UFO sightings.

Please contact me or leave a comment below if you have any info on the video I'm looking for.  Thanks.

Jul 26, 2020

The Inevitable


I watched as the storm hit Twitter and Facebook...well, mostly Twitter.  A huge UFO story in the New York Times was about to break.  A blogger was being hailed as the next UFO superstar.  There was mention of a Pulitzer and how this story was going to crack government secrets wide open.  UFO disclosure was coming.  Free energy would follow.  Secret sources verified it was happening. The biggest story ever was going to be told.

Lines were drawn between those cheering the coming disclosure, and those wanting more proof or outright calling it nonsense with many in the latter camp.  A new generation of so-called UFO Young Guns had it all figured out, while claiming the so-called Old Guard UFO club was just bitter, even afraid of what disclosure would bring.

Online spats broke out.  Some took the high road, others slung shit.  Memes flew wildly.  Some said "this is 100% real" while hedging their bets with "if I'm wrong" or "in my opinion".  Hour upon hour was spent staring at the frenzy happening on UFO social media.  I shook my head, others reveled in the UFO furor that I'd seen one too many times.

Here are a few quotes from those supporting or promoting the documents and/or the coming UFO disclosure as being legitimate.

"Haters? No. Ignorant as to what's about to happen? Yep."

"The documents are real, deal with it."

"Bask in it my friend because it's all going to work out, and in the end you and everyone else will be vindicated."

"Looking forward to watching you eat shit when the truth comes out."

You might be lost right about here, so let me explain...


Last year, I wrote about Richard Dolan releasing some documents he called "the UFO leak of the century."  The documents were alleged to have been notes taken by Dr. Eric Davis (left) recounting a meeting with a retired Navy Vice Admiral about UFOs and Special Access Programs (SAPs) where the Vice Admiral was allegedly denied access to secret UFO programs.

You can read the alleged Eric Davis notes here.

In June 2020, journalist Billy Cox contacted this retired Vice Admiral for comment on the notes.  The former Vice Admiral denied the meeting ever took place, denied ever having met Davis and called the notes a work of "fiction."

I wrote the whole affair off as yet another piece of unproven UFO lore.  After all, there wasn't any evidence aside from the notes and Davis had issued a "no comment" as to the authenticity of the notes and his involvement.  People went wild over this no comment from Davis, calling it an admission disguised in a denial.  Wink-wink.  Did the meeting happen?  Only Eric Davis and the retired Vice Admiral can say, neither are confirming it and there is no verifiable evidence showing the meeting ever took place.

Just over a month ago, I watched as Joe Murgia, better known online by his Twitter handle @UfoJoe11, began writing with fervor on his blog and on Twitter his claims that the Eric Davis notes were real.  Murgia also promoted an alleged 1961 UFO crash retrieval government document as authentic while citing anonymous sources he claimed verified his info.

The alleged 1961 SNIE UFO crash retrieval document references the infamous Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) and had several typos while using a classification type not used in the 1961 time frame the document is alleged to be from.  Then it was mentioned the document making the rounds was a re-typed copy.  I found too many problems with the document to take it seriously.

Claims followed that the New York Times was going to feature all of this in a story proving the government has a secret UFO crash retrieval program along with recovered UFOs, that the documents were all real.  Dr. Davis, a retired Navy Commander and other important figures would soon be on record.  Vindication for UFO disclosure advocates was coming and hell was coming with it.  Then I started seeing more than just claims, it was being presented as fact.

Soon enough there were live online panels, one lasting five hours in which the documents were discussed and people claimed to have seen this or that.  There was another show with someone called "Mr. X" giving an impassioned speech about black budget UFO projects.  When I say impassioned, I sincerely mean it.  "Mr. X" was very articulate.

I saw all the disclosure believers high-fiving each other online, anyone questioning the legitimacy of these documents and the coming new world we'd face with UFO disclosure was the enemy.  Books and special memberships were offered for sale.

I waited as weeks went by with no article.  Someone claimed there was computer data from an e-mail that would be used to prove the Eric Davis notes as real. Assurances were made the big story was coming.  Disclosure was still on track. I later saw wavering about the story possibly getting killed by editors and bad timing. Some led the charge for the UFO disclosure faithful saying it would happen and to stand firm.  The new UFO rock gods were in the house and they were bringing the thunder.

Disclosure proponents were saying how foolish the naysayers would soon be looking.  Some posted to save screen shots of those online being critical of the alleged Eric Davis notes, the claimed 1961 UFO document and the coming story from the New York Times.  You see, the screen shots would be used to embarrass those who dared take a knee when the UFO disclosure anthem was being played.  Those on the wrong side of history would be shamed.

John Greenwald of The Black Vault seemed to express sincere concern, wondering if Murgia had succumbed to the madness that enveloped Paul Bennewitz.  Before you smirk and roll your eyes at UFO disinformation, know that it is indeed real and I say that with an absolute straight face.  Check out Greg Bishop's amazing book Project: Beta about UFO disinformation and the creation of the modern UFO myth that cost a man his sanity and eventually his life.

Had Murgia and others been the target of a UFO disinfo campaign?  Was the New York Times story a ruse?  Had the Vice Admiral mentioned in the Davis notes been part of some deceptive operation?  I thought Richard Doty might've stayed up past his bedtime again.  Had Murgia fallen too far down a rabbit hole of his own manifestation?

But then I couldn't believe it...it actually happened.  The New York Times did indeed publish a story about UFOs and crash retrievals. UFO Twitter wept.

Dr. Eric Davis was quoted in the article about giving a classified briefing on UFO crash retrievals.  Former Nevada senator Harry Reid, one of the people responsible for establishing the AATIP program, was quoted as saying the government was in possession of UFO craft and UFO debris.  The New York Times was now the savior of UFO disclosure.

The article touched on the ATTIP program and the recent Senate Intelligence Committee bill put forth that includes formation of a UAP task force - the bill has passed the Senate and is now on its way to the House.

The article made it into the news cycle and other media outlets picked up on it.

I watched as the ripple effect was in motion and there was no stopping it now.


Would I get the answers to the weird shit I've seen and experienced?  Would my personal opinions about it all be verified or would the disclosure favor those I've said were full of shit?  Would the government disclose alien life or would they just have a small piece of something unknown and were just as baffled by all of it as the rest of us? 

I voluntarily added my name to the roll call list of those doubting the veracity of MJ12 and the 1961 UFO document.  Would I be left in the wake and shadow of history?  My name lamented from the lips of the faithful asking for my soul to be saved?  Would I be ostracized from the flow of disclosure information?  

Had the long prophesied UFO disclosure finally happened?

Not even close.  No.  No government UFO disclosure today.  Sorry. Come back later.  Maybe.

No mention of the alleged Eric Davis notes.  No high ranking Navy officers on record.  No reality shattering revelations.  Speculation?  Certainly.  Proof?  Not so much and it just got worse.

Post-publishing corrections of the article happened and of all people to misquote, Harry Reid was the absolute wrong one to do that to.  Reid issued a strong rebuke to the article's claim he said UFO craft and debris were being held by the government.

Other outlets picked up the story from the New York Times prior to them being aware of Reid's stance.  Now I was being treated to misleading headlines claiming the Pentagon stated they had UFO craft and debris from another world.  Podcaster and MMA color commentator Joe Rogan was spreading the Pentagon bit around as fact when it wasn't.

Reid made his point clear by using three, belittling words despised by most interested in the serious study of UFOs.


His point should be taken considering the low level of evidence, in many cases no evidence, UFO die-hards are willing to accept and promote.  Reid echoed the sentiment I felt, that the evidentiary bar must be set high where the UFO topic is concerned.

Of course, this opened the flood gates for replies to Reid's Tweet.  Joe Murgia urged Reid to look at all of the postings about the alleged Eric Davis notes Murgia had written.

Reid made his stance clear and I seriously doubt he has time for some papers that have absolutely no evidence to prove any of their content, let alone that the meeting ever occurred.

With the UAP task force bill recently being passed by the Senate, can you imagine someone who is a serious believer in the so-called Eric Davis notes or anything with MJ-12 in the contents walking into some face-time with Senator Rubio.  I can hear it now, "Well, Mr. Rubio, don't worry, I've got it all right here!  No need for a task force.  Just read my Twitter account and blog."  

Those in political and military positions who might be able to help out, they need to be impressed with the best evidence available.  This is not a situation where you want be short on evidence and try to dazzle them with bullshit and the weakest of circumstantial evidence.

I'm sure Reid is shaking his head at many of the comments made toward him or from the UFO conspiracy club making crazy claims.  Reid still has influence in political realms and souring him, or others in similar positions to help, to the idea of UFOs because of a few coming off as fanatics is the last thing I want to see.

Parts of the UFO community have no thought as to the damage they might do to the highest of supporters for serious UFO/UAP investigation, and it certainly showed on Twitter with believers shitting on the New York Times and Reid.  Some claiming they would cancel their subscription to the newspaper, likely none are actual subscribers.

Talk of Reid possibly having been influenced by the UFO gatekeepers to keep quiet and change his tune circulated.

Did Reid back pedal?  Was he afraid what was claimed he originally said was too dangerous?  Jitters?  Had he actually been misquoted?

It certainly didn't take Richard Dolan long to jump on the bandwagon playing the silenced angle, that the New York Times may have sanitized the article.

This is the same Richard Dolan who said skeptics would have a hard time disproving the Eric Davis notes.  Dolan said the same thing about the now infamous and highly embarrassing Roswell Slides fiasco.

"The documents are real, deal with it!"
--Richard Dolan on the so-called Eric Davis notes.

Nobody has provided any proof of the meeting or the contents of the notes as being real.  Proclamation does not equate to evidence no matter how hard Dolan thinks it does.

Some say the article had 1,000 words cut out of it.  If that's the case, I'd love to see it all unedited.

Correction to the above reply I posted via Twitter.  It should read "reporters" and not "reports". The word "their" should be "there.  Thanks for nothing, voice to text.

Hopefully there's nothing preventing the independent release of what editors at the New York Times are alleged to have cut out.  I understand an interview with both authors, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumentahl, has taken place and I'm interesting in hearing what they have to say.

Kean and Blumenthal were not too fond of Murgia and his frantic pace of hyping this all up to more than it would ever become.  Murgia has arguably been the staunchest of supporters of the alleged Eric Davis notes and suspect 1961 SNIE UFO document.

In response to Alejandro Rojas' view this would amount to nothing prior to the New York Times story dropping, Murgia wrote on Twitter, "We already KNOW the documents are real and the [New York Times] article is on its way. Crash retrievals and Wilson/Davis docs. Have you finally accepted it, [Alejdandro Rojas]? The inevitable is here!"

Yep, the inevitable certainly was here...the inevitable fiery crash of another UFO disclosure claim with no verifiable evidence to back it up.  This seems to happen with frequency in the UFO crowd and I cringe when I see it coming.

Rumblings of UFO disclosure about to hit a breakthrough.  The proof is right there if you just look...so some say.


In the aftermath of the fizzle, some supporting it said nobody takes them seriously.  They should take a big step back and look at what they've been saying and promoting, and how it was being relayed.  The word arrogant comes to mind.

My memory certainly won't be foggy.  There was a lot of gun slinging online from those advocating disclosure and the notes would be revealed as legitimate. When you fire shots at people, you should expect that fire to be returned.

Naming the media outlet, some who would be quoted and the authors of the article doesn't amount to much considering the online frothing leading up to the article's release.  I would have loved seeing actual evidence of these extraordinary claims, instead of the arrogant laced blathering I witnessed.

Giving free ammunition to debunkers, skeptics and others is, has been, and will always be the way of the UFO faithful. Making themselves and the topic very easy targets by not comprehending what evidence actually constitutes, or having a thought of how it might impact the subject.  This segment of the UFO community really is its own worse enemy.

Murgia said he dreamed that his blog and YouTube audience would grow to the size of the Drudge Report when disclosure finally came.  Call me cynical and I don't see that happening.  Ever.

I've made plenty of mistakes and supported some bullshit I thought was real.  #embarrassed  I thought Roswell was the be-all-end-all. #notanymore  I thought Jaime Maussan and Linda Moulton Howe were the real deal. #icantbelieveiteither #wtf #noyoudidnt #sorry

In 26 years of UFOs, roughly half my life, I've seen this same scenario play out the same way each time. A lot of this has been hack investigation from the start instead of a well planned, thorough investigation in which all the work is done then the results are released with verifiable facts and evidence.

Sadly, this is very unlikely the last time I will see another far hyped, frantic and foolish UFO disclosure claim.  Oh, I'm quite sure I'll see more based on the history of this subject.

It didn't take long.  Murgia says there's a book being written and it will be more explosive this time around.  Infidels be damned.

Jul 14, 2020

MUFON Executive Director Arrested in Child Sex Sting

UPDATE 07/15/20 @ 9:20am:  The MUFON board of directors has removed Harzan from his position permanently and stated Harzan "will no longer serve any role in the organization."

On July 3, 2020, police in Huntington Beach, California arrested Jan Harzan of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in an online law enforcement sting operation targeting persons involved in crimes against children.  A Facebook post announcing the arrest was made by police earlier today.

Police allege Harzan solicited sex online from what he believed was a 13 year old female and arranged to meet the female to engage in sex.  However, the 13 year old female was actually a detective from the department's Special Enforcement Bureau.

The 65 year old Harzan was taken into custody by detectives from the special unit and charged with Communicating with a Minor to Engage in a Lewd Act and Arranging a Meeting to Engage in a Lewd Act with a Minor in Public, both felony crimes.  Below is an image of the arrest log listing Harzan.

Some online have speculated Harzan might have been wearing a MUFON field investigator polo shirt when he was arrested.

As of today, MUFON had yet to issue a statement about Harzan's arrest, though it was reported MUFON's board held an emergency meeting today.  So, did MUFON know about Harzan's arrest previously, or did the organization only learn of it through today's UFO social media frenzy?  Harzan was listed as the Executive Director of MUFON on the organization's website earlier today, but his image and bio have now been removed.

Some are wondering if this is the first time Harzan has allegedly engaged in this sort of criminal activity, or if there might be any other incidents.

Reactions varied online from shock to some hopping on the UFO conspiracy bus claiming Harzan might have been framed because of the belief held by some that UFO disclosure is about to occur...that's another story.

MUFON has had a number of problems in the past few years including John Ventre, a former state director for the organization, making racist comments about African Americans.

Harzan's reaction to these comments certainly did not bolster his standing as leader of the MUFON organization:

The above posting to the MUFON website was later removed and one former member reported while Ventre had publicly not been involved in the organization, Ventre was involved in the planning of a MUFON Symposium and apparently working in the organization behind the scenes.

Ventre's online remarks, among other internal issues, caused several MUFON members to rethink their role in the organization including Ben Moss, Dr. Chris Cogswell, Phil Leech, and James Clarkson who all resigned.  Members cited a wide variety of issues with the leadership of Harzan and one time Director of Investigations Chase Kloetzk (see MUFON: The Inside Truth Part 1 and Part 2).

Then there's bigot channeler JZ Knight who is said to have contributed money to MUFON which earned her a place in MUFON's so-called Inner Circle.  I wrote about Ventre and Knight's involvement in the organization and James Clarkson's resignation here.  Ventre thought it'd be a good idea to pop up here on the Pull Me Under blog and comment about the resignation of James Clarkson:

I responded in kind:

Former International Director of MUFON James Carrion left the organization after he was lied to about funding the organization received from Robert Bigelow and the US government.  You can read about it in the excellent article Breaking the Silence: AATIP's Secret Partner Speaks.

Let's not even get started on the Elaine Douglas files or MUFON selling their files and database to Robert Bigelow.

Most recently another MUFON state director appeared to be posting racist comments online.  Ken Pfeifer via his Facebook page posted the following:

Some MUFON members allege leadership ignored this in spite of complaints.  It was reported Pfeifer was later removed from his MUFON position.

Misogynists, racists, alleged pedophiles...are we missing anything?

Unfortunately, this all paints a rather unflattering picture of those involved with the UFO topic, but this sort of wild publicity isn't anything new nor is this the first time well known UFO personalities have had run-ins with the law or were disciplined for sexual misconduct.

Wendell Stevens, long time promoter of the bogus Billie Meier UFO case, was a convicted child molester.  Stevens spent time in jail for molesting a 14 year old girl.  Stevens' name still appears on the UFO Mega Con website.

In 2017, alleged UFO abductee Stan Romanek was found guilty of possessing child pornography on his home computer.  Romanek was sentenced to a two year term in a half-way house.

Bob Shell, a photographic expert with an interest in UFOs, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after delivering a fatal dose of morphine to a young model he sodomized.  Prosecutors believed Shell had sex with the corpse.

Tyler Glockner, producer of fake UFO videos and Secure Team 10 infamy, was arrested for driving under the influence and domestic violence.

Sean David Morton, bunk psychic and self proclaimed world's foremost UFO researcher, is currently incarcerated in federal prison for defrauding the IRS out of nearly $500,000.00 and charging victims in a debt redemption scheme.  Morton was also sued by the SEC after he swindled nearly $6,000,000.00 from people in what the government called a "psychic investment scheme".

Richard Boylan, a former psychologist and alien abductee researcher, had his license to practice permanently revoked after he engaged female patients in hot tub sex therapy.  You can read the hearing conducted by the Board of Psychology.

In 1990, Bob Lazar was arrested for aiding and abetting a prostitution ring.  The charge was later reduced to pandering and it was in Nevada where prostitution is legal under certain guidelines.

Bill Forte was convicted in 2003 of sexually assaulting a 13 year old girl and possessing material showing a child in an obscene sexual act.  Forte, who is associated with KGRA, served just over four years in prison and was registered as a high risk sex offender.  KGRA is home to programs by Jimmy Church, Richard Dolan and other UFO related programs.

John Ford of Long Island UFO fame was convicted of plotting to murder multiple county officials he believed were involved in a conspiracy to thwart his UFO investigation of an alleged saucer crash.  Ford planned to poison his victims with radium.

Bill Cooper was initially involved in UFOs later moving on to conspiracies involving the US government, believing former President Bill Clinton and the IRS were targeting him.  The US Marshals Service named Cooper as a major fugitive.  When law enforcement attempted to arrest Cooper on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges, Cooper opened fired and shot a deputy in the head.  Cooper was killed in the gun battle after vowing he wouldn't be taken alive.

Jun 15, 2020

Morton Motion Denied...Again

As many of you know, bunk psychic and fraudster Sean David Morton is serving out a sentence in a federal prison after being convicted of multiple counts of fraud among other crimes.

Since the start of his legal ordeal, Morton filed a myriad of what can only be described as baffling and incoherent motions with the courts going so far as to Morton once declaring himself judge of his own court.  At one point during the trial, Morton was told to cease filing frivolous motions.

Since his conviction and being remanded to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Morton continued filing motions for relief from his conviction and sentencing.

Since then, Morton has attempted to circumvent his responsibility by filing motions trying to get released from prison.  On June 1st, the Ninth Circuit Court ruled that all points Morton alleged were not of consequence and his appeal was denied.

Morton is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022.

"The court is familiar with the multitude of nonsensical pleadings [Morton] filed and stated in Court throughout the course of this criminal case, which has not abated since his conviction. [Morton]'s pattern of conduct of filing unintelligible pleadings began weeks after the initial indictment of defendants...The day [Morton] was released from his arrest, he filed unintelligible pleadings..."

-- Prosecutors in a sentencing recommendation for Sean David Moron

Jun 7, 2020

Joseph Junior Hicks

Just found out we lost Joseph Junior Hicks this last week. If you don't know who he is then you need to read The Utah Display.

Nobody had more knowledge of or documented more accounts of high strangeness in the Uintah basin, and Hicks had been documenting strange accounts since 1951.

Junior, as he liked to be called, was a retired science teacher who was well respected in his Utah community.

Godspeed, Junior!

May 28, 2020

Element 12, the CIA, Dogs and Linda Moulton Howe

A huge thanks to Lorrin Thomas Cutts for posting the info about the podcast.  Please be sure to check out the excellent book UFOs: Reframing the Debate in which Lorin has a fantastic essay.

Okay, this is one for the books right here.  Linda Moulton Howe received an anonymous letter at a New Age convention allegedly from a former CIA agent claiming to have been in a highly classified department dealing with extraterrestrials and something called Element 12.  Watch the video below where Howe talks about this note.

But this time we know the identity of this alleged former CIA agent; Carrie Poppy of Oh No, Ross and Carrie! The Podcast.  From their Facebook page:

"Oh No, Ross and Carrie! is a podcast exploring fringe science, spirituality, and claims of the paranormal: anything that makes a claim about how the world works that differs from the commonly accepted scientific explanation. Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy are former Christians who remain fascinated by the variety and expression of belief, and try out these various claims first-hand... so you don’t have to. They report the results, share all the details, try to find the wisdom and the humor, and rate each topic on scientific validity, danger, creepiness, and pocket-drain. Oh, and hot drinks."

You see, and you can hear it here, Poppy and her co-host Blocher (left with Howe) decided to hang out at the Consciousnesses Life Expo in Los Angeles a few months ago to check out some of the presenters. Poppy decided it was time to test Howe out and wrote a note to Howe that was passed on anonymously through radio host Jimmy Church. The note contained an astoundingly stupid story about the author being a former CIA agent in contact with extraterrestrials and alien dogs. You really do have to listen to the whole podcast for this and way more.

During a panel discussion, Howe tells the audience about the contents of the note and states it with it a straight face. Little does Howe know the author of the clearly bogus note is in the audience recording it all happen!

Now, some may chalk it up to Howe getting older. The problem is Howe has been doing this sort of stuff for years.

In 2002, Howe tried to make a mundane and explained deer death into something it wasn't.

In 2003, Howe ignored scientific analyses refuting the claims of a Brazilian UFO abduction.

Howe promoted known UFO fraud Dan Burisch.

The list of all the nonsense Howe has spewed is endless. Let's not even get into the whole aliens in the Antarctic dumpster fire Howe started.

May 17, 2020

Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice

Below is the promo for the latest from Linda Moulton Howe's Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Icea video claiming a connection between everything imaginable; aliens, hieroglyphs, the Moon, the Pyramids, swastikas, Mars, the origin of humans, the Face on Mars, star maps, interstellar object Oumuamua, star gates, Nazis, Trump, Putin.  Yep, this one has it all.

"There is a huge secret hidden deep beneath Antarctic ice. Eyewitness Navy Seal Spartan 1 walked there through green, glowing halls carved with mysterious hieroglyphs. Marine Spartan 2 says these same glyphs are on the Moon and Mars. Both whistleblowers tell reporter Linda Moulton Howe that E. T. humanoids have terraformed Earth and our solar system for millions of years."

Since last year, Linda Moulton Howe has been promoting two alleged whistle-blowers on her website, on YouTube and during paid speaking gigs.  Going by the name of Spartan 1, the first "whistle-blower" claims he was a Navy SEAL assigned to a highly classified mission to extract a scientist from an underground facility in the Antarctic.  But this wasn't just any underground facility.

You see, this was a sprawling alien base two miles underground located in the middle of one of the most barren, isolated and coldest places on Earth where the lowest temperature on record was negative 133 degrees Fahrenheit.  Yes, you read that correctly, minus 133 degrees.  The average temperature is minus 57 degrees.  Makes it a bit difficult to verify anything, right?

Spartan 1 claims he was transported to the location via an aircraft carrier, then a helicopter to McMurdo Base off the Ross Sea, then traversed the unforgiving Antarctic ice on a half-track vehicle to meet a contact who had the exact coordinates of this underground base.  The subject of this extraction mission was a scientist alleged to be studying and documenting strange symbols and glyphs in this underground alien base.

"Spartan 2" (left) and "Spartan 1" (right) hidden in shadow.
Howe adds a bit of science into this story to lend it some sort of credibility crutch as it painfully limps along by covering the environmental and geological changes in the Antarctic from hundreds of millions of years ago.  Howe also throws in some history about people sailing to and around the Antarctic.

It isn't long before the history lesson quickly turns into a government conspiracy involving all nations in the Antarctic Treaty.  So what exactly is this nefarious activity involving all the countries in the treaty?  They've been allegedly funding a space fleet as a coalition for the past twenty-five years based on alien technology found in the Antarctic.

If it was so important to get this scientist out, why not just fly there in one of these alleged craft in the space fleet?  The alleged scientist that was the subject of a highly classified military extraction operation big enough to warrant an aircraft carrier, a helicopter and a dangerous trek across the Antarctic apparently isn't worth a quick trip in a space craft.  But what do I know, I'm just a lowly civilian.

Interstellar object Oumuamua was supposedly a "derelict ship."
The story continues that this base has eighteen feet thick doors and walls, massive doors effortlessly slide open with the push of no more than a finger, the base goes two miles under the ice, there's a later discovered port where a submarine could enter and not have to decompress because of "alien technology."  Let's not forget the glyphs and symbols all over the place that were similar to Egyptian and Mayan hieroglyphs inside the alien base or that the aliens created humans.  Don't worry, the nonsense train doesn't end here.

Spartan 1 isn't alone, he has his buddy Spartan 2 verbally confirming the information.  Spartan 2, who claims to be a former Marine intelligence officer, tells us the same symbols inside the alien underground base are also on the Moon and Mars.  He also mentions interstellar object Oumuamua was a derelict ship made by aliens and we boarded it in space.  Well, he says at least that's what he was told.

Where have I heard an alien craft referenced as a "derelict ship" before?  Give me a second, I'm thinking...

The term "derelict ship" was in the 1979 movie Alien and the name given to the old alien ship. References to elements from the 1982 movie The Thing are also made.

By the way, there are the 
structures built on the surface of and under the Moon, according to Spartan 1.  He also claims there are "2,500 humanoids" on the moon "building a mothership" and the international Earth coalition is on the Moon too.

Stargate movie poster, 1994.

Now come the portals described as gates that can instantly transport you across space and time.  Spartan 1 says there's a Stargate at the HARPP facility in Alaska that can take you to Hawaii.  From the frigid elements to sun and fun in an instant.  If only this hadn't already been done in the 1994 sci-fi movie Stargate and again in the myriad of television spin-off shows it fostered.

Spartan 1 gives us a little newsflash about the tale of the flood and Noah's Ark.  Yeah, the flood was caused by aliens [insert royalty free dramatic music clip here].

Spartan 1 tells of yet another extraction mission involving a nuclear physicist who escaped from Iran to Cairo.  The story doesn't make a lot of sense when Spartan 1 suddenly refers to the nuclear physicist as an archaeologist.  Well, apparently the scientist was important enough he later went to work for this coalition as some expert.  Why?  'Cause, alien bases under the pyramids.  

The video continues with Howe's monotone voice droning on in spots, stories by the two so-called whistle-blowers who come off with the credibility of a pedophile at a playground, artist recreations, a few other drawings by Spartan 1 and some stock footage to weave a ridiculous tale based on the word of two anonymous people claiming we have intergalactic trade with extraterrestrials and human contractors doing two-year tours in space.  Sounds a lot like the idiotic claims of bullshit artist extraordinaire Corey Goode, which also lacks any actual evidence.

Don Shipley, a retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief, makes it his business to expose those making false claims of military service.  You can see some of his work here.  When Shipley heard about the claims of "Spartan 1", Shipley addressed the claims as "bullshit."

Shipley publicly stated he sent an e-mail to Howe advising Spartan 1 was a fake, and further advised Howe he intended to go public with his knowledge.  Shipley says Howe never returned his e-mail.  Shipley, in the video above, talks about why Spartan 1's claims are false.

Why did Howe choose not to disclose the opinion of Shipley, an expert who retired from the Navy SEALs and someone who was active during the time frame Spartan 1 claims to have been a SEAL?  Simple; information contradicting sensational claims on a video you're trying to sell does not make for good sales.  Howe has a pattern of ignoring and not disclosing information contradicting the sensationalism of her stories and claims.

People making claims about false military service who have or have not served should be extremely careful.  The Stolen Valor Act of 2013, signed into law by then President Obama, makes it a federal crime to falsely claim military service, embellish rank or falsely claim to be the recipient of any valor award(s) with the intent to obtain money, property, benefit or noteriety.  Unfortunately, this isn't the first idiot involved in UFOs to falsely claim some sort of military service or high rank, I recall a particular idiot claiming he was a "colonel" in some secret organization.

In the end, this one-hour and five minute video relies on gullible viewers and rabid Howe fans to readily consume conjecture, nonsense and not a shred of proof supporting any of the claims made in this low grade production that wasn't worth the time or money.  Yes, I bought it online and sat through it, but you can share in my pain for free - Howe did a series of YouTube videos on this very tale.

Howe did some good work very early on, and it is very sad to watch her fall so far over the years.

Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice is about five-bucks to rent on some platforms, $15 to buy.  Howe, of course, charges $30 on her website.

Linda Howe, the UFO community's very own crazy cat lady.

"The most hilarious web posting we have read in a very long time comes from Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country", dated 9/30/05. Linda Moulton Howe is described as "our Dreamland science reporter". We ask - what, if any, are the scientific qualifications of this pleasant but extremely gullible lady?? Inquiring minds would like to know!"

-- Saucer Smear, Vol. 52, Issue No. 10

Triangle UFO Video Sought