27 May 2017

87 Month Prison Term Recommended for Morton

"Defendant is a serial fraudster with a long history of perpetrating financial crimes and wasting precious time and resources of the government and the courts."  -- U.S. Attorney General in prison sentencing recommendation for Sean David Morton.

Federal prosecutors have recommended an 87 month prison sentence for Sean David Morton who was convicted in April 2017 of multiple felony counts of defrauding the United States government.  You can read the recommendation filed by prosecutors here.

Prior to, throughout, and after the trial, Morton filed a number of bizarre motions with the court that include claiming the court had no jurisdiction over him, a befuddling document in which Morton named himself judge in his own court, a filing in which Morton proclaimed he was withdrawing from the rules of the IRS, a motion claiming his conviction should be withdrawn because the judge in the court wasn't legit, another filing attempting to change his initial plea after he was convicted, and the list goes on.

Prosecutors seeking the 87 month prison term wrote in their brief to the court:

"The Court is familiar with the multitude of nonsensical pleadings [Morton] filed and stated in Court throughout the course of this criminal case, which has not abated since his conviction.  [Morton]’s pattern of conduct of filing unintelligible pleadings began weeks after the initial indictment of defendants...The day [Morton] was released from his arrest, he filed unintelligible pleadings..."

Apparently after his conviction, Morton had a meeting with the federal probation department and could not "provide the Probation Office with clear information regarding his financial condition.  Defendant reported no income on his financial statement, but monthly expenses of $3,306, with no genuine explanation as to how he meets these expenses."

Morton filed so much paperwork in a clear effort to misdirect, obstruct, and delay the court in prosecuting the case, what is referred to as paper terrorism tactics, the prosecutors are asking for a sentencing enhancement which is designed to punish offenders who attempt to bury the courts in legal filings and other paperwork:

"The design of the aforementioned conduct of defendant is crystal clear: to burden the court system, harass the prosecutors and the Court, and delay the administration of justice. One of the goals of the “sovereign citizen” criminal subculture is the harassment and burdening of courts with mountains of frivolous paperwork – what some courts have referred to as “paper terrorism” tactics – in an effort to degrade the court system over time and make it more difficult to efficiently resolve cases, especially tax cases."

In 2015, the IRS had an agent go to one of Morton's seminars at the New Life Expo where Morton recounted a story in which he told a court clerk the following over what appears to be a ticket he received for driving without a license:

MORTON: And he's like okay. And then the Judge is like all right. So now this girl chases me out of the courtroom, because now they've got this thing on their docket for two years, right? For two years. And she chases me out of the courtroom and she goes oh, and I said you know what? You ever heard of those people they call paper terrorists? You ever hear of those guys? They file liens against your bond for hundreds of millions of dollars and make sure that you never see the inside of a courtroom because you can't work because you have a lien against your bond and shut down courtrooms? She goes yeah, I've heard of those people. And I said, "I'm that guy."

Turns out the IRS agent recorded the seminar.

While the U.S. Attorney General's Office is recommending an 87 month prison sentence, the judge in the case has the latitude to sentence Morton to more than the recommended time.  Withing the guidelines, the judge could sentence Morton to 121 months, maybe more because the guidleines are just that.

Morton is scheduled to appear for sentencing on June 19th.

19 May 2017

Sorry, IRS, I'm withdrawing from your rules. Because.

"Dr." Sean David Morton, self
proclaimed "legal expert"
Wouldn't it be great if you had a magic piece of paper and pen that allowed you to write a letter to someone and simply tell them you're no longer responsible for anything?

"Hello X, sorry I backed into your car, but I'm voiding my responsibility in this matter."

"Hello X, I did agree to pay back that loan, but have since changed my mind.  Our agreement is void."

"Hello X, I just don't feel like paying any of my bills.  All bills owed by me are now void."

How about this one, which I think every tax payer wishes they could do:

"Hello Mr. IRS Director, be it know I have rescinded all contracts made between the IRS and I."

This is exactly what Sean David Morton has done and in some nutty way seems to believe that this will relieve him of any civil or criminal liability he currently faces.

Melissa Morton (left) and Sean David Morton (right) were both
convicted in April on numerous federal felony charges.
Now Morton has filed an incredulous notice to the courts claiming him and his convicted felon wife/co-conspirator Melissa Morton free of all contracts including those of the IRS.  Well, this little contract is called the law and all U.S. born citizens fall under it.  Morton has made the ridiculous assertion that he isn't a citizen under U.S. authority, yet he had no problem filing for bogus refunds with the IRS, appearing in court on multiple occasions, and attempting to file for bankruptcy through the courts.

But that isn't all.  Oh, no, that would be too simple.  In addition to the ludicrous notice Morton filed, he also filed the following "demand[ing]" the court to vacate his conviction and sentencing because the judge isn't a real judge and has no jurisdiction in the matter, and no actual claim was ever stated.  Morton goes as far to claim the federal court is not a court of record.  It gets better...

"I am a private man, this public non judicial trial is destroying me!"

"The situation has destroyed me by law enforcement being lawless!"

"I require and demand the case and jury convicrion [SIC] is discharged, vacated, set aside because it is void, not voidable."

Don't trust him, he isn't a lawyer.
Morton, who is facing serious federal prison time after being convicted of fraud, has filed a litany of babbling legal motions with the court making demands including that the IRS agents who arrested him and the U.S. Attorney General's Office lawyers who prosecuted him must fall under his authority in "Morton Court".

Morton had the opportunity to retain legal counsel and chose to represent himself. Morton has advertised himself as a "constitutional and legal expert".  Morton tried to claim he was just following the advice of people he trusted when he and his wife began filing bogus tax returns with the IRS asking for millions in tax refunds.M  orton has no excuses, though it is clear by all these amateur, nonsense laden, ranting court filings he's manufactured, he's as much of a "legal expert" as he is a psychic.  How did Morton not see this all coming?

Sentencing for Morton is scheduled for June 19th...

16 May 2017

"She's gotten amazingly fat"

Someone alerted us that's what Morton said about comedian Amy Schumer.  Pot, kettle.  Kettle, pot.  Yes, this guy actually called someone fat.  Listen here.

"Calling people names...does NOTHING to further an agenda of knowledge, research, or expanded horizons." -- Sean David Morton after referring to ufowatchdog.com as "ufo watch pig."

09 May 2017

Never Too Late to Change Your Mind...Or Is It?

Ever change your mind about something?  If you're ordering dinner at a restaurant and catch the wait staff in time, you can usually change your order.  If you buy something online and what you get isn't to your liking, sometimes you can send it back for a refund.  If you plead not guilty to a crime and are later convicted, well, you really can't change your initial plea.  If you're Sean David Morton, self professed "legal scholar" and "constitutional expert", you might try.

Amid more of the bizarre, disjointed, and not grounded in reality motions Morton has filed with the court, I think this one might come close to Morton decreeing himself judge of his own court in which he'd preside over the people who successfully prosecuted Morton on numerous felony charges.  Ready?  Wait for it.  Wait for it...

Morton filed a motion to change his plea from not guilty to no plea well after he was convicted...

Even a mild fan of television crime or court dramas will know that you cannot change your plea once you're convicted.  If "legal expert" Morton thinks this is some sort of slick move to trick the court or trip it up, he likely isn't the first person to try this nonsense and just as likely will not be the last.

Can you imagine the long line of convicted felons who would do this if it was legally permissible in order to try and get a new trial or throw a wrench into the works?  I could go on about how crazy this idea really is, but then again Morton is the same guy who tried to claim he could get anyone out of debt with a few legal maneuvers in what amounted to nothing more than a common straw-man scheme.  

One of the more befuddling aspects of this case is that Morton claims he is not a citizen of the United States, yet he filed multiple false tax returns and in one instance was able to obtain a nearly $500,000 return.  Not bad for a guy who claimed to have no income in his defunct bankruptcy hearing.  Morton also recently filed a motion that he was indigent and could not afford to file appeals. 

Both the indigent and change of plea motions were denied by the trial judge and sentencing is still scheduled for June 19th with the likelihood that Morton will be facing prison time.

"What we were attempting to do was heroic.  People came to us because the wolves were at their door. " -- Sean David Morton after his conviction for defrauding the United States government, claiming he was trying to help people while charging them thousands of dollars and putting them further into debt.

No, there was nothing heroic about any of this, and the only wolves at the door were Morton and his wife.  Morton had knowledge that his bond packages did not work, yet he kept selling his services to people.  One couple heavily in debt paid Morton $10,000 while someone else paid him $2,500 to get student loan debt forgiven.  When the bonds did not work, Morton refused to refund their money plunging them further into debt.  Don't fall for this hero vs. the evil empire nonsense Morton is trying to create.

29 April 2017

Illegal Alien Hotline Trolled with Calls About UFOs

Trump's Immigration Crime Hotline Trolled with Calls About Aliens and UFOs.  It appears this hotline to report illegal aliens in the United States was launched on Alien Day which celebrates the movie franchise Alien.

The word from CBS News in this report according to a book entitled UFO Sightings Desk Reference is that California has more UFO sightings than any other state.  I don't know anything about the author.  A few other stories out there...

Guy planning wedding on phone tapes triangle UFO

1899 UFO Report?

Illuninati Bombs Black Knight UFO Satellite Okay, where's the poop and LMAO emojis?  Yep, another hoax.

28 April 2017

The Circus Continues

It never ceases to amaze me how these conferences/expos continue to subject audiences to frauds.  It doesn't matter how badly the fraud has been exposed, how many times they've been exposed, no matter how many times these frauds rip people off, or how many times they've been discredited.  Nope.  The only thing that seems to matter is selling tickets, putting butts in seats, and making money.

It looks like the New Life Expo is going to be playing host to convicted felon Sean David Morton.  Not only is Morton speaking at this event, it appears he'll be spewing the same nonsense that landed him in criminal court in which he was found guilty on numerous felonies.
Here's the description from the website:

So many people telling us we are all doomed! In this all new T.E.D presentation, Morton will give you all the latest information that solves many of the problems and challenges facing us today: How to keep children safe from vaccinations? How to stop the effects of cell phone radiation and chemtrails? What causes cancer and where are the best treatments? What products offer cutting edge science for life extension? How to change my status, stop being a 14th Amendment federal slave and use my birth certificate to take back ownership of my body? Don’t miss this seminar from one the greatest minds in the new age movement!
Sean David Morton is the author of the five star book series Sands of Time and host of the top rated Strange Universe Radio with over 2.5 million listeners. The incredible and amazing Dr. Sean David Morton will be bringing you cutting edge truth as you bathe in the power and wisdom that only knowledge can bring!
Don't listen to any of the legal or financial advice this clown Morton is giving - he's going to prison for offering some of the same advice.  Morton is scheduled to be sentenced June 19th and many are expecting him to serve time in federal prison.  His wife/fellow convicted felon Melissa Morton is scheduled to be sentence July 24th.

"I'm expecting that this entire thing is going to be dismissed way before it gets to that."  --Sean David Morton commenting on his federal criminal trial April 2016.  Morton was convicted April 2017.

Read the investigation that exposed The Shameless Psychic and His Prophey of Lies.

23 April 2017

The Dumb Dumb Chronicles

The past and karma certainly come home to roost...

"I am shaken to my core by all this. I have never stolen from anyone in my life, and I cannot even fathom how someone could risk incurring such karma for base, short term monetary gain. I am sure it happens every day, but I firmly believe as the Apostle Paul said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?”
Anyone who knows me and knows my body of work from listening to this show over the past 20 years knows that I am all about the truth and doing what is right, and that is what my wife and I have done ALL ALONG, and we will be fully vindicated from these baseless allegations." --Sean David Morton in a statement to Coast to Coast AM about charges made by the SEC that Morton swindled investors out of more than $6,000,000.00. Morton had a judgement issued against him and owes the SEC over $12,000,000.00.

"Make my words true, make my tongue straight..."  --Sean David Morton in a prayer prior to a lecture at the June 1993 UFO Expo West.  Morton was selling an audio tape he claimed had a sound that would "clear haunted houses" and stop alien abductions.

Speaking of Morton and the past, for a good laugh you can read The Vajra Chronicles.  This was back in 1994 where Morton claimed he could use a technique taught to him by monks in a Tibetan monastery.  Morton claims to channel his grandson from the future.  Problem is, Morton doesn't have any kids and the things he claimed would happen never came to pass - not surprising considering Morton's psychic hit rate is dismal at best.  What good is a psychic who cannot even see his own future legal troubles?

Read the investigation that exposed The Shameless Psychic and His Prophey of Lies.