Mar 18, 2010

Inside Edition Investigates Sean David Morton

Newsmagazine Confronts Alleged Psychic
Con Artist

Inside Edition today confronted Sean David Morton outside of his long rented apartment in Hermosa Beach, California. Click here to read the Inside Edition piece.

Confronted by correspondent Matt Meagher, Sean David Morton was asked, "Can you tell us where the six million dollars that investors gave to you went? Can you talk to us about your psychic powers?

Sean David Morton responded, "I don't know what you're talking about," with Meagher asking Morton, "Are you a bad investor or just a lousy psychic? Or both?"

The SEC's lawsuit against Sean David Morton and his wife, Melissa Morton, is set for a hearing this month. The SEC has accused The Mortons of defrauding investors out of over $6,000,000.00, including a 91 year old woman out of $150,000.00.

For more on Sean David Morton, please see the definitive investigation:

The Shameless Psychic and His Prophecy of Lies


Ron said...

About time this schmuck Sean Morton got what has been coming to him for a long time. I hope Sean Morton gets tossed in prison with all the other financial con men.

So, can Sean predict when he's going to drop the soap?

Anonymous said...

Look at that fat fuck smiling away like noting is wrong. Does he actually think he will get away with any of this????? Does he???????

Anonymous said...

Is Morton seriously trying to be the fattest financial con artist ever busted? If so, well done!! I hope all of the organizations and conventions that ever hosted this tub of hot air as a speaker are in utter embarrassment. Shame on them and shame shame shame on Morton!

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