Apr 1, 2010

"I believe in Sean David Morton"

One Sean David Morton supporter named Mike Bara (pictured above) declares in a video, "I believe in Sean David Morton," while displaying and pointing out a button of Morton worn on a shirt.

While one person may declare a belief in Sean David Morton, there are over one-hundred investors who are out $6,800,000.00 that would likely disagree with such an assertion of faith.

What good is a psychic who can't see the future? You'd think Morton would have seen all of the personal lawsuits against him that have cropped up, with Morton apparently losing them all, including a recent case where an investor alleged he was defrauded of $217,000.00

It's frightening to see how anyone could believe in Sean David Morton at this point, let alone any of his claims or obviously bogus psychic powers.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

what is with that comb over job on Mike Bara's hair? Mike, you're going bald. Either do the Rogaine/plugs things or just let it go.

Figures that such a vain idiot would support Sean Morton. Comeuppance has arrived Sean!

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019