Apr 13, 2010

Sean David Morton back to business

After initially publishing that an "official press release" would be coming regarding charges that Sean David Morton defrauded investors out of over $6mil, it looks like it is back to business as usual for Morton.

The image left shows Morton's website announcing a pending press release that never came to be. Morton's website is now back in operation after it was practically left bare days after the SEC announcing its lawsuit against Morton.

Morton is again back to his old hat of hawking his predictions and making appearances at New Age variety events.

For one speaking event he will be at, Morton has his biography listed, which includes, "His political and economic predictions shocked the nation. [...] He also predicted exact dates for the post-90's decline of the DOW and NASDAQ, and has given the exact levels -- and timing-of their subsequent rise and fall. "

I'm sure this claim of Morton's alleged accuracy in predicting the markets will come to a shock to all of his investors who lost their money.

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