Aug 12, 2010

A Look Inside A Psychic Lawsuit

How Do You Sue A Psychic? With A Lawyer.

ABOVE: Sean David Morton (left) and Melissa Ann Morton are accused of allegedly
swindling investors out of more than $6,000,000.00

If a supposed psychic can predict the outcome of the stock market and other investment securities, one would make the next logical step and assume the alleged psychic could predict the outcome of a lawsuit.

Apparently not.

One investor into sean david Morton's alleged investment scheme, Christopher Bass, filed suit against The Mortons and others pertaining to his loss in the investment which Sean David Morton told investor he could predict the outcome of the foreign currencies market using his psychic powers. A copy of the lawsuit filed by Bass, which he won judgment in, can be read here.

Another lawsuit in which a judgment was filed against The Morton was filed by Tim Saunders. You can read a copy of that lawsuit here.

So apparently lawsuits are immune from psychic powers...

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