Jan 26, 2011

Morton Gives PSA About Alleged Scam

Alleged Financial Fraudster Morton Gives PSA About Alleged Scam?

ABOVE: Accused financial fraudster Sean David Morton.

It looks like alleged financial scammer Sean David Morton has put forth a public service announcement about a financial scam. Interesting. According to Morton, as found on his website, "foreign scam artists" have taken Morton's "information off Internet smear sites" and are using it to scam people out of money through the ages old wire money/check scheme.

Sean David Morton giving a warning about a potential scam? Not even Nostradamus could have seen this one coming. ufowatchdog.com is so informed that litigation filed by the SEC against Morton is still moving forward.

You can read what Morton posted on his website below:


Apparently, Foreign [sic] scam artists have taken some of our information off Internet smear sites, and are sending checks to people marked DELPHI ASSOCIATES INVESTMENT GROUP with a forged signature of my name.

They then request that you deposit the bogus check (we don't exactly know why) and then Western Union them funds to some African country.

There has never been a bank account or LLC by this name and we stopped all trading accounts four years ago, after being setup, scammed and framed by the FX trader (traitor?)

Not that any of you smart people would, but PLEASE do not fall for this SCAM! Or believe the smear or the lies. This is someone's idea of a dirty trick, and not even a very good one.

We have contacted the local authorites [sic] and the FBI and have responded to all E-mail inquires regarding this matter.

Just the price you pay for the modern world of computers and the web.

Our apologies for the inconvience [sic].


Sean-David Morton


Tom Fox said...

What was the outcome of the SEC's legal actions ? Was it all true and or did Sean get away with it? If so why is Sean still allowed to lecture at ufo conferences ? Why doesn't coasttocoastam mention this ,too ? We need a update !!!

ufowatchdog.com said...

@Tom Fox: The SEC won the lawsuit and Morton was ordered to pay $11.5mil in fines and penalties. Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, Coast To Coast AM stopped having Morton as a guest because the show was supposedly served a subpoena for records, and the show likely was trying to avoid any liability because they let Morton babble on about his financial predictions. UFO conference promoters are interested in money and don;t care who they promote as long as it sells tickets.

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