Sep 2, 2011

Mortons Ordered to Answer SEC Lawsuit

Judge Orders The Mortons to Answer SEC Lawsuit
The Mortons are accused of defrauding investors out of
more than $6mil in what is being called a 'psychic scheme'

Above: Sean David Morton (left) and Melissa Ann Morton

On March 4, 2010, the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against bunk psychic Sean David Morton and his wife Melissa Ann Morton alleging the two were involved in defrauding numerous investors out of over $6,000,000.00 in a scheme where Sean David Morton said he was able to predict the outcome of the stock market.

According to the SEC, Morton promised massive returns on investments and went as far as falsely proclaiming that his investment fund had been audited by a well known investment auditing agency. The SEC also alleges that The Mortons illegally diverted several hundred thousand dollars for their own use through an unregistered non-profit organization known as the Prophecy Research Institute.

The Mortons filed a number of rambling legal documents with the court attempting to stop an initial SEC investigation and later to dispute the lawsuit. According to the SEC, The Mortons also attempted to evade being served legal papers including Melissa Morton alleging to be a neighbor named Vicki, which unfortunately for Melissa Morton it turned out that the process server had already spoken to the real Vicki.

In another instance cited by the SEC, Sean David Morton was in New York and got caught in an elevator where he tried to hide his face with a hat and scarf - turns out he got served and went so far as to grab a phone out of the process server's hand when he attempted to take a picture of Morton as proof.

In July 2011, a federal judge ruled that The Mortons must answer the SEC lawsuit. At the time of this posting, The Mortons had yet to answer the lawsuit and had chosen instead to file more confusing legal documents with the court. Should The Mortons choose to not answer the lawsuit as ordered, the SEC could file for summary judgement. The Mortons have already been ruled against in other lawsuits filed by former investors.


Anonymous said...

How does big time psychic Sean David Morton not see all this happening before he goes to court? Seriously here! How???? Gee maybe he is not psychic? lmfao SDM is reaping all the bad vibes and shitty energy he has put out into the world.

Anonymous said...

As of this writing, they are in even bigger trouble. The Mortons were just arrested for attempting to defraud the IRS.

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019