Dec 24, 2012

Judge Orders Sean David Morton to Appear

Sean David Morton, Melissa Ann Morton Ordered to Appear for Hearing in Alleged Securities Fraud Case
Sean David Morton (left) and Melissa Ann Morton are accused of defrauding investors out of nearly $6,000,000 in what has been called a psychic scheme.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do grind fine and this is what many investors who were allegedly hustled by self proclaimed psychic Sean David Morton are hoping for. 

On December 20th, 2012, United States District Judge Katherine B. Forrest ordered both Sean David Morton and his wife, Melissa Ann Morton, to stand ready for what appears to be a possible trial. Someone named John Woodie who is listed as an agent of the Mortons is also commanded to appear.  The mandatory appearance is set to take place on February 11, 2013 at 1PM.

The order, which can be read right here (PDF), clearly states that if The Mortons do not appear that a summary judgement will be entered against them and the Securities & Exchange Commission will likely be granted several items they've asked for, including that The Morton disgorge all of their ill-gotten gains from the alleged scam.

Through his newsletter, radio interviews, and workshops, Sean David Morton boasted of using his alleged psychic abilities to predict the stock market and make millions.  After forming an investment portfolio of nearly $6,000,000.00, the SEC began investigating what they allege were staggering losses of funds, misappropriation of funds, falsified investment data, and the failing of Sean David Morton to ever accurately predict the stock market as he claimed.

The case has dragged on since March 2010 after The Mortons filed a barrage of rambling and disjointed legal filings claiming that they were sovereign citizens of the "California Bear Flag Republic" and therefor not subject to the federal court.

In addition the the charges of fraud, The Mortons have also been accused of judicial abuse, failing to appear at depositions, and dodging being served legal papers. 

The SEC's original press release can be found here along with a copy of the complaint filed against The Mortons and other parties.


Anonymous said...

Finally. What a dirt bag. Thank you UFO Watchdog for helping to put guys like this, Kal Korff and Dr. John Reed outta biz or at least the truth available for those not already out of their minds and true believers in this frauds.

Anonymous said...

Sean talked a bit about the case (and now defunct newsletter & PRI) on his Strange Universe show from Dec 3 in response to being asked if he still does predictions(link: start it at around 17:58)...

"We'd taken about a million dollars in investments or so and turned them into over 6 million dollars in a very brief period of time...None of it was my money. All of it went into the investment club..."

And more. Pretty interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this guy on the Art Bell Show on Coast to Coast a lot when Art was still running the show?

Wasn't he the remote viewing expert?

Psychic ability to predict the stock market. What a shamster!

Anonymous said...

Sean David Morton was a defendant in a lawsuit in Washington state regarding this scam - and the courts in Washington found for the plaintiff and ordered SDM to pay $217,000 in damages and another $50,000 in attorney fees and interest.
SDM tried claiming the court had no jurisdiction over him. Just looking over the court filings in all of the lawsuits Morton has been involved with it looks like he has a problem directly confronting facts and instead tries to use legal nonsense to wiggle his way out.
I also thought SDM claimed he lost money but one poster here wrote that Morton said none of the money was his.
Oh well, it is SDM after all.

Anonymous said...

So if Sean Morton is a sovereign citizen of some imaginary republic then why did he sue Talk Radio Network and in a state court? You can;t pick and choose. Maybe Sean should renounce his citizenship and get the fuck out of the country if he doesn't like the way things go. Better yet maybe he should just stop making predictions.

Anonymous said...

Only a few more days until we get to Sean David Morton appear! I wonder if he is going to be all like "Yep I am here and realize that I am in deep poo-poo" or is he going to be his typical Sean David Morton self? I mean let us face facts, the guy can deliver a speech and interview that is, as long as you realize it is 93% average BS, a fun interview. (and even then, the figure should be higher than 93% BS) I mean come on, he might come out there with his Sean David Morton goodness and be all like "Your honors, I tapped into the psychic powers that were given to me by some monks and Gene Roddenberry, and I was told by these powers that these people should lose their funds, so I placed their money in funds which would fail, collected my fees and went about in my life."

Bunk Psychic Released from Prison