Jun 20, 2013

MUFON Promotes Greer Nonsense

MUFON Promotes Greer Silliness

Greer promises more evidence on bogus 'alien' in Las Vegas

For an organization that stakes itself on scientific investigation, MUFON doesn't seem to mind staking itself in the heart by stooping to promote more low grade UFO theatrics.

Yep, the folks at MUFON have chosen to parade around Steven Greer and that nonsensical film Sirius in which Greer promotes his delusional beliefs by wrapping up every conspiracy theory possible to justify his theory that aliens have been on this planet and the government is covering it up to enslave us all by hiding free energy to keep an all sinister monetary and power based cabal in business.

Mind you, this cabal has supposedly assassinated political figures including presidents, and controls people at the highest levels of all worldwide governments and corporations.  Yet, somehow, Greer has managed to outwit these evildoers at every turn and has a dead man's trigger on hand that will release a damaging cache of info that will expose these goons.  Uh, yeah.  Sure.

Greer's shameless self promotion knows no bounds to the point where he goes so far as to claim that the events of 9/11 were manufactured to divert attention from the 2001 Washington, DC Press Club event.  Greer would have you believe that this evil cabal decided to put disclosure on the back burner by using a terrorist attack to kill thousands and start a war...months after DC Press Club event took place.  In the world of UFOs, self promotion knows no bounds or decency.

Greer's presentation bio on the MUFON Symposium's website includes the laughable statement that the Sirius movie is an "historic film" that "was inspired by Dr. Greer’s work."  And if you go see Greer at the symposium, he advertises that he has the latest news on the Atacama humanoid.  I'll hazard a guess that it will be about more unknowns in terms of DNA and the need for further study and funding is needed.  I'm sure Greer cheerleader Paola Harris will be there shaking her head up and down in affirmation.

So hats off to you, MUFON, for letting nuts like Greer loose at your "scientific" organization's symposium.  Maybe someone should tell the folks at MUFON that scientific investigation also involves the use of common sense.  But common sense doesn't sell tickets or DVDs like hype.

Your time will be better spend at the San Diego Comic Con in July where the folks involved in pretense don't try to pass it off as fact...

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Steve Zalewski said...

July 15, 2013

Thank you for exposing the antics of cultists like Greer and his CSETI cult. For those that don't know OUTSIDE Magazine published an extensive expose of CSETI and Greer's bogus activities in 1994. I urge serious UFO researchers to send a message to Greer and other UFO cultists by going to their respected websites and blast them for the garbage that people like Greer promote. MUFON also needs to be blasted for hosting it's 2013 convention in Las Vegas this weekend and for having Greer on the stage.

I turned the followers of Greer's cult into the New York State Attorney General for their attempts to set up a chapter in Syracuse, NY. I ran them out of town.

While you are at it, go to Google, and punch in the Search field "Shutting Up UFO Debunkers" and read about the quality of my UFO research work.

Thank you again UFO watchdog for exposing the nonsense of crackpots/cultists and if enough serious UFO researchers would go after these clowns, perhaps this field would be cleaned up.

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