Feb 28, 2014

"Dr." Sean David Morton a "legal and constitutional expert"???

I stumbled across some new info on bunk psychic and fraudster Sean David Morton.  It looks like Morton is now calling himself a doctor and claiming to be a "legal and constitutional expert" who can teach you "all the secrets about how to get the government off your back and out of your life once and for all!! About the BOND PROCESS to set- off, settle and discharge ALL DEBT! About the “SUPERMAN PAPERWORK” that gives you Diplomatic Immunity!"

I don't know where Morton is claiming to have obtained his Ph.D., but I'll guess it isn't a law degree from any accredited institution.  Folks, be sure not to take any sort of legal advice from someone who isn't licensed to practice law.  I can assure you that Morton's so-called expertise in the legal and constitutional realms is a joke - he tried pulling this diplomatic immunity nonsense when the Securities & Exchange Commission successfully sued Morton and others for defrauding investors of over $6,000,000.00.  Guess what?  It didn't work because it's utter bullshit.

If there was an actual legal way to "settle and discharge ALL DEBT", everyone would have done it by now.  How this clown can charge people money for this and keep a straight face is repugnant. 


mulvaney said...

Maybe he gained his knowledge through trial and repeated error. Being the ambassador to the Republic of New Lemuria did not work with the SEC. Heaven & Earth did not work with the bankruptcy thing. But he can cruise around the Caribbean with Kerry Cassidy, Stephen Bassset, and friends- so he must know something! And the picture on the cruise web site makes it appear that he discovered the fountain of youth. So who else would I go to for advice about debt?

Marian Marshall said...

Where is this picture? Haha....even in 1988 when I was Sean's room mate....he was no looker, just a predator in every way with a hint of Bill Clinton

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