Dec 13, 2014

Slander at East Gate?

It looks like trouble might be brewing between Larry Warren and Charles Halt of Rendelsham UFO fame.  Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters Radio, posted the following on his Facebook page:

I awoke this AM at about 6:00 AM and wandered out to the coffee pot, poured myself a cup of "wake-up" and turned on my cell phone and checked my email and FB. My long time friend, Larry Warren had a note up about him being slandered on DARK MATTERS RADIO. Being the host and owner of DMR I knew there was something wrong with this ... I knew it was not my show. Apparently this broadcast ran on the "Dark Matter Radio Network?" I sent Larry a note and we ended up chatting about what went on with retired Lt. Col. Charles Halt of Bentwaters fame. At anyrate I will be interviewing Larry Warren for the one and ONLY Dark Matters Radio on Monday December 15 and this promises to be a "Do Not Miss" episode ONLY ON CyberstationUSA! 

You can tune in here.  I'm not certain of what was allegedly said by Halt, but there is this letter written to Halt way back in 1995 by an attorney representing Warren, and it appears this isn't the first time Warren has had a problem with what Halt has said about him:

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