Nov 25, 2014

A Game of Dummies

A Game of Dummies
Desperate fools do desperate things,
no matter how inept, crazy, or foolish it may make them look

House of Morton.  House of Thomson.  Yes, you have entered A Game of Dummies.

In the wake of a multi-million dollar judgement being issued against Sean David Morton and co-defendant Melissa Ann Thomson/Morton for what the Securities and Exchange Commission called a 'psychic scheme' designed to defraud investors out of millions of dollars, it looks like the 'world's foremost UFO investigator' and his cohort have run into more legal problems.

Morton and his co-defendant/wife filed for bankruptcy only to have the Trustee assigned to the case apparently find that they failed to disclose an interest in a business.  This is a big no-no, especially when you're under oath and expected to give full disclosure to the court.  It looks like the bankruptcy was overturned and Morton and his other half are no longer able to discharge the numerous debts they owe, including a judgement for $11,500,000.00 in relief and fines from Morton's psychic investment gig in which $6,000,000.00 of investor money was lost - including a quarter-million dollars that was diverted into the so-called Prophecy Research Institute.

All throughout the lawsuits filed against Morton and his cohort, they seemed to be good at one thing: filing legal briefs full of babbling twisted legal concepts into what seemed to suit their situation.  In response to the bankruptcy matter, Morton sent a box full of documents to the court with some scribbling that so baffled the judge that the documents were ordered to be recycled.

Not to be dissuaded, no matter how painfully obvious the message, Melissa Ann Morton decided to send this befuddling document to the court proclaiming she was from the House of Thomson and wed to the House of Morton, and that the federal government had to provide her with a suitable currency to use, and she was a "vessel" supposedly "fabricated" by the state of Utah.  Uh... 

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