Apr 9, 2017

Morton court law decreed

Most people understand that individuals just can't make up their own court to sue people in or for their own convenience.  Well, that's most people.  "Legal expert" and convicted felon Sean David Morton seems to think otherwise and told the court in California he was going to make his own court.  Yes, Morton actually filed papers with the court trying to establish "morton court" with his own set of rules.

In yet another embarrassing and disjointed document filed with the court - you really can't call it a brief or a legal document because it is so poorly written and baffling - Morton attempts to feed the court more nonsense including phrases such as:

"i, man in this court of record sue wrongdoers for trespass by way of forgery."

"i charge fees to compensate me for trespass, wrongdoers have knowledge of my fees."

"April 3 2017, the total debt I claim each wrongdoer owes me is $2,048,000. i require additional $4000 for each day starting April 4, 2017 that the trespass continues."

It seems Morton is serving some pseudo legal notice he's suing what looks to be the attorneys from the Attorney General's office because they, what, prosecuted Morton for being a criminal...?  Anyone else envisioning Judge Judy rolling her eyes?

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The document blathers on with a mix of legal jargon, referencing books, and it...it just...wow.  You're welcome to read the dizzying five pages written by Morton.  The attachments with the document include the search warrant that was served on Morton's apartment and the original superseding indictment, which Morton befuddling claims are forged documents.  A few highlights from "morton court":

"I am not a US citizen, furthermore do not wish to be subject to any jurisdiction over my body, life, happiness, and liberty at this time."

"Creatures of statutes and legal codes are harmful animals"

"Anyone may renounce a law introduced for his own benefit."

So it seems Morton (pictured left) believes he should be free to do what he wants when it suits him, including swindling people out of their life savings and victimizing others financially for personal gain.

It isn't that hard to properly file your taxes within the constraints of the law and avoid doing something stupid, say, like filing a false tax return and forging documents in hopes of a quick score.  That score might have a high price attached to it because Morton is facing a statutory maximum of 650 years in federal prison when he is sentenced on June 19th.


The Area 51 Rider said...

I really hope he spends significant time behind bars. He has scammed people for many years, back to his Area 51 tour days.

Anonymous said...

What about his Area 51 tours? How were they scams too?

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