Apr 1, 2017

The Strawman Gets Soaked

Sean David Morton accused of 56 federal
crimes is facing a maximum 650 year
prison sentence.
In the federal criminal case against Sean David Morton and his co-defendant/wife/alleged co-conspirator, the prosecutor is asking for the judge to allow entry of evidence pertaining to a 2013 bankruptcy proceeding involving Sean David Morton and his wife. The Mortons are fighting introduction of this evidence and for good reason.

It seems The Mortons were in the process of a bankruptcy hearing when they were alleged to have been caught lying under oath and failed to disclose assets involving a business called Heaven & Earth, LLC.  You can read the 2013 transcript of this bankruptcy hearing attached here to the U.S. District Attorney's recent motion to the court.  Morton and his wife fumble through this bankruptcy hearing in what appears to be a clear cut attempt to deceive the bankruptcy officials about their Heaven & Earth, LLC business.  At one point, Morton claims the LLC was formed by tenants in a building to pay rent, then later admits it was used to sell "educational materials".

So what does this have to with the criminal case against Morton?  Keep reading, this will all make sense in a minute...
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Morton and his wife are accused of what the government calls a "strawman" scheme, which is a theory advocated by tax defiers and sovereign citizen movement members that an individual actually has two personas; one as a human being and the other a separate legal persona who is the "strawman".  This pseudo legal theory, which has been held as illegal by state and federal courts, is that a person's taxes and debt belong to the "strawman" persona and not the individual.  Further, those who believe in this nutty theory think you can issue self made bonds or redemption packages to eliminate all tax and debt.  These kits are sold to people and when the scheme fails to eliminate any debt, those selling the kits often claim the paperwork was incorrectly submitted.

Sean David Morton and Melissa Ann Morton
on a cruise ship prior to their arrest by federal agents.
During the bankruptcy, it appears Morton failed to pay a rather large tax lien brought against him by the state of California.  Morton issued a "bond" in the amount of $1,000,000.00 to California in an attempt to alleviate the debt using the "strawman" theory.  The tax board did release the lien against Morton, but not because of the bogus bond he's alleged to have sent them.  The tax board released the lien because their records showed Morton had filed bankruptcy.  This is where it gets interesting...

Morton is then alleged to have shown one of his "bond" clients (I prefer to call them victims) this letter as proof that his "bond" scheme worked to relive debt.  Problem is, Morton received a lengthy letter from the tax board clearly spelling out that the tax board would not accept what Morton referred to as a "legal monetary instrument" as it was not a valid form of payment.

So the government is now alleging Morton knew his "bond" scheme did not work with the tax board and in spite of this he used the release letter as a means to entice a client to pay him for a bond package.  Morton is alleged to have charged one couple $10,000 for a "bond package".  Apparently, the wife of this couple, her husband is now deceased, is set to testify against The Mortons in the criminal case.

Over the years of having investigated Morton, the people I've spoken with, and the mounting legal cases against him (civil and criminal), Morton seems to leave a path of human wreckage in his wake.  During the time Morton and his wife defrauded investors out of more than $6,000,000 in their psychic investment scheme, one elderly woman lost her entire life savings while other lost countless thousands.  I'm curious to see exactly how many people are alleged to have fallen victim to Morton and this latest scheme he is charged with.

If you are having tax or other financial problems, please seek the advice of a qualified tax or financial professional, or an attorney who is licensed to practice in these areas.  Avoid idiots trying to sell you a quick way out of any financial problems you might be having.  You should especially avoid morons claiming to be psychic or so-called self taught legal experts who offer quick fixes to long term problems.

Morton's criminal trial is set to start  April 4, 2017, this coming Tuesday, at 8:30AM in the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse.

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