Apr 3, 2018

Alleged Alien Body is Human, Greer (Again) Claims Conspiracy

In case you missed the news, the Atacama body promoted by UFO quack Steven Greer as being an alien being turned out to be 100% human.  This conclusion was reached after five years of scientific work from a variety of experts, including Dr. Garry Nolan of To The Stars Academy.

But science isn't enough to quell the conspiratorial ramblings of Steven Greer, even though he chose the scientist himself.  This reminds one of Linda Howe quickly dismissing the very terrestrial findings of scientists she chose to examine a bogus case she was promoting.

Greer promoted the Atacama being as extraterrestrial and wove quite a tale around how the body was found and came into his possession.  Greer held a crowd funding campaign and raised quite a bit of money to make a film entitled Sirius about the Atacama body.  While the film went on to promote the alien origin of the body, scientific examination has proved otherwise.

Does Greer concede to the scientific proof and move on?  Nope.  Greer, in the video below, now claims the results of the study on the Atacama body were manipulated by the CIA.  Of course, Greer has no proof of this and went as far to throw Dr. Garry Nolan and others involved under the bus in an attempt to paint them as incompetent puppets of an evil government.

Greer has to have the conspiracy in all he does, otherwise he has no way to promote himself or his wacky claims.  Truth does not serve Greer's interests.  There are enough idiots out there who are more satisfied with other idiots selling them on conspiracies because the truth simply isn't enough.  Just take a look at the comments section of the video on YouTube and you'll quickly see how easy it is to sell conspiratorial bullshit to people.

Greer says in the video the majority of the population doesn't trust the media.  Well, at least Greer has something in common with the media.  The sad truth here is that Greer's stunt backfired and this is all about damage control and keeping the faithful on the hook by cooking up yet another conspiracy.

But the story doesn't end with Greer babbling nonsense.  It looks like the Chilean government is investigating if the body was illegally exhumed.

ufowatchdog.com would like to thank Dr. Garry Nolan for his work on uncovering the truth about the Atacama being.  No thanks to Greer for trying to keep his mythology and paranoid rambling relevant.

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