Apr 15, 2019

The Kookiness Continues

Sean David Morton is not one to pass up an opportunity to espouse utter nonsense in hopes of hooking a sucker or two into believing his rubbish.  In his latest posting, Morton shows exactly how delusional he is or is playing up his imagined martyrdom (or both, take your pick) for all he can pending his eventual release from federal prison.

Among some of the more baffling and outright silly claims Morton makes: "[The Federal Government] made, and I have proof of this, $450 MILLLION [off] the cases against [us] which are on deposit with Fidelity Mutual Canada - so they don't have to pay US taxes!"

This is a serious allegation and if Morton did indeed have any evidence to support this ridiculous accusation, he'd be a free man with an amazing lawsuit against the government.  Morton has offered a myriad of excuses as to why he's in prison, and none of them have anything to do with the truth...

First, Morton was on about how his self published books were so dangerous that the government cooked up some felonies to charge him with in order to silence him.  Morton's books are readily available on the Internet.  Next, Morton said he was charged so the government could make millions off his eventual incarceration.  Then there's the excuse Morton was set up by the government because he knows his tax views have merit and they want to silence him.

Among other idiotic claims, Morton spins his tale that he just needs the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to "simple[y] stamp" his appeal paperwork and he's a free man as Morton claims there has not been any response filed by the government.

Oddly enough, the 9th Circuit Court just issued an order three days ago on April 12th stating that Morton's motion for summary disposition and request to expedite his appeal are both denied.  The government has until June 20th to file its response.

Morton has a long history of filing a barrage of bizarre motions with the court during his trial and appeal process.  Morton has described himself as "a legal and constitutional expert", but it appears the court is no longer amused with Morton's frivilous filings and stated in the most recent order, "Further filing of meritless motions may result in the court withdrawing appellant Morton's leave to represent himself on appeal."

The simple truth here is Morton defrauded people and the government out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in this case.  Previously, Morton was sued by the SEC for defrauding investors out of $6,000,000 in what the SEC described as a "psychic scheme".  This is a trend with Morton, not an innocent isolated incident.

The New York Times recently published an extensive piece on Morton's anti-tax and sovereign citizen claims.

I've said this a few times, but here we go again: How does such a self proclaimed psychic as Morton not see any of this coming?

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The Odd Emperor said...

Delusional person is delusional. The NYT piece was priceless and was a great overview of the sovereign citizen thing. What;s really scary is that type of nonsense really takes off when the economy tanks, as it's probably going to in the near future.

Bunk Psychic Released from Prison