May 10, 2019

Those Darn Orbs

So-called "spirit orbs"
I despise the term orb(s) and the connection with UFOs, mainly due to the fact that most orb photos can be easily explained.  The photo above was found to proclaim this is how to spot spirit orbs.

Don't be fooled as this is known as backscatter where a camera flash is hitting dust and/or other particles in the air.  These sort of photos are often promoted as light orbs, aliens, spirits/ghosts and so on.

Then there are "orbs" where some promote these lights as unknown living entities.  In the video below, UFO hoax promoter and sensationalist Jaime Maussan promotes this video as an "entity" following a train.  Watch and see what Maussan has to say...

Quite a leap to make that this is some unknown entity since Maussan, as usual, provides not a speck of evidence to support this claim and any prosaic explanation never makes its way into Maussan's world because prosaic doesn't sell.  So what is this ball of light on the tracks following the train?

This video shows the phenom of ball lightning.  If you are unfamiliar with ball lightning, I've posted the following two videos for you to watch.  This isn't to say that all spheres of light are ball lightning, but it certainly can account for some considering how dramatic ball lightning can appear.

Some classify the following video as orbs while others call it ball lightning.  I came across the video below on someone's Facebook page and find it very intriguing and the movement organic looking.  It certainly is far more different than any of the ball lightning I've seen video of and does it appear to be like the ball lightning I have personally observed on two occasions.  I'm not endorsing the below video, but I'm also not discounting it.  I would like to see the full video at some point.


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