Aug 28, 2007

Kimball: The Great Roswell Debate - Further Update

Paul Kimball gives us an update on his Korff vs. Randle Roswell debate offer. It appears Korff has decided to ignore Paul's generous and legitimate offer, even though Korff claims to have "never lost a structured, formal debate." Anyhow, here's what Paul had to say...

The Great Roswell Debate - Further Update

On August 13, 2007, I made an offer to Kal Korff and Kevin Randle to stage an all-expenses paid debate between the two of them about Roswell here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with all profits going to American and Canadian veteran's charities. I put a one week time limit on the offer.

Major Randle accepted immediately. Despite e-mailing him directly, Mr. Korff chose not to respond. I assumed he might be busy, or thinking it over, so I extended the deadline to accept the offer by a further week... which ran out at Midnight AST last night (i.e. 4 1/2 hours ago).

All of this came about because Mr. Korff called Major Randle a "coward" because he wouldn't accept an offer to appear on the X-Zone to debate Roswell with Mr. Korff. Of course, Major Randle, who doesn't listen to the X-Zone, was unaware of that offer when it was made (because he was never contacted directly). Mr. Korff has no such excuse, because, as I said, the offer was sent directly to his e-mail address.

People can draw their own conclusions from all of this. As I said, not only did Major Randle immediately accept my offer, he also accepted a subsequent offer from Rob McConnell to appear on the X-Zone (the first time Randle had been formally asked), on condition that Mr. Korff also accept my offer to debate in person, and on condition that Brad Sparks, who has refuted the Project Mogul explanation favoured by Mr. Korff, also be invited on the X-Zone for the debate.

For my part, I'm a fair-minded guy, so I'll leave it like this - the offer is closed for now, but all Mr. Korff has to do is contact me directly (he knows both my e-mail address and phone number), and indicate that he is willing to accept my original offer, at which point I'll consider whether to proceed with the debate. So the door is still open for Mr. Korff to make the Project Mogul case in an indendently
[sic] moderated debate with Major Randle.

All he has to do is call, and we'll go from there.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

If you look at KKK's website he says that Kevin Randle is 'a coward who refuses to debate'. Sounds like Kevin Randle was ready to go. So what is KKK's excuse now? What a bottomless loud mouth.

Anonymous said...

I see that Korffo is up to his usual antics at his website. Mirror mirror on the wall who is the most delusional of all? What a freak. said...

I make it a rule to ignore the mentally disturbed. I'd encourage you to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Catching up on all this Kal Korff drama. I used to work with Kal at Claris where he was employed for a very brief period of time. I wonder what ever happened to that fatal brain tumor he said he had?

The Odd Emperor said...

Hey Royce! Welcome to the blog-sphere.

The more I look at Kal’s stuff the more I come to the conclusion that he’s simply a troll. Kal looks for anything that will create controversy or attention and milks it for whatever he can get out of it. I believe that as long as that fellow doesn’t get bored he will continue to run around pissing people off. (not that people will comment, I get a lot of hits but few seem to be interested in commenting….wonder why? ;)

Take care and don’t le the bastards wear you down! said...

Odd One,

Nice to hear from you. Like I said, I ignore the mentally ill and take no pleasure in giving them fodder to further their vicarious lives.

Thanks for the comment.

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019