Aug 28, 2007

E-mails galore

A note to everyone e-mailing me: I have a junk filter on my Inbox and do not always receive your mail. If I don't answer your e-mail, it is because I emptied my junk folder without checking it. So please don't send me nasty e-mails when I don't answer back right away. That just ain't very cordial now, is it?

Thanks. You may now resume your life.

PS: And no, I have no intention of taking up the UFO scene again. This blog is here because I'm not terribly original and I need to follow everyone else in the super secret UFO Self Admiration Society by having my own blog. Formal wear, handle-bar style mustache suitable for twisting, deep sounding maniacal laugh, the ability to pat yourself on the back, and at least one lunatic stalking you on the Internet required for membership.

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