Aug 26, 2007

Korff vs. Randle Debate Update

Midnight is nearing when Paul Kimball's generous offer expires. Korff opened his mouth and probably did not expect to get what he wanted: a debate with Kevin Randle. Let's see what happens at midnight, though I suspect there will be a surprise coming at the stroke of the witching careful what you wish for...


Paul Kimball said...


I genuinely hope Mr. Korff accepts. A properly moderated debate on Roswell between one of the key remaining Mogul proponents (Robert Todd and Karl Pflock having passed away) and one of the most well-known ET proponents would be an intersting. I for one would love to see what Mr. Korff's answer is when Major Randle asks him about Brad Sparks' thorough dismantling of the Mogul theory.

Nice blog!


Anonymous said...

Someone disagreed with Korff???? Say it ain't so! :-) Looks like Korff has turned tail on that debate offer. When faced with real heat it is clear that loony Kal is wearing a skirt and running out of the kitchen! LMAO at the big time Kal having stuck his foot in his mouth yet again. Some things never change.

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