Aug 25, 2007

Korff vs. Randle and the Great Roswell Debate

Just a quick bit about this - some radio show host invited Randle to debate Korff on his show, of course this came on the heels of Paul Kimball's offer to Korff. Kevin Randle did accept the offer of the radio host and had the following to say:

Following is my exact response to McConnell:

Yes I will debate on the following conditions:
1. Kal Korff apologizes publicly and on his web site for calling me a coward and removes the various offending postings from all locations that he has posted them, his colleagues, subordinates and friends have posted them.
2. Korff agrees to the Paul Kimball debate. It costs him nothing and provides for another forum.
3. That you invite Brad Sparks to participate in his debate. And I reserve the right to postpone the debate if a military assignment makes it difficult to appear on August 30. At the moment my schedule is clear.

That went to McConnell more than a week ago and I have not heard a response other than McConnell saying he would pass it along to Korff.

I will note that Korff's allegation, that I'm a coward for refusing to debate Roswell is untrue because I have debated a number of people about Roswell including Korff. I mentioned on my blog that we had debated in Seattle. Rather than apologizing for calling me names, he merely said that he had forced me be back down on some point during the debate. Frankly I don't remember but I suspect it had something to do with the Marcel file being released into the public arena illegally.

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Brad said...

Kevin, thanks for serving your country and not being being a loud mouth dipshit with a keyboard living in Prague. I'd just ignore that sorry ass sack Kal Korff. Kal isn't worth anybody's time and that's why he moved to Prague so he could act like a celebrity there. No one in the good old US of A was buying his bullshit anymore. Please stay out of my country Kal and you should apologize to Kevin for calling him a coward. Look in the mirror if you want to see a coward Kal.

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