Oct 5, 2010

Disjointed Propaganda

Morton Issues Tirade About Ongoing Legal Woes

ABOVE: Sean David Morton is accused of defrauding investors
out of $6,000,000.00 in a psychic investment scheme.

On September 29, 2010, Sean David Morton's e-list distributed a message suposedly written by someone named Vanessa San Souci alleging to be reporting for The American's Bulletin, Tendance Magazine, and International World Press.

What's bemusing is that the message clearly reflects the same style as Morton's writing and no reference could be found anywhere for someone named Vanessa San Souci reporting for any of the above named entities/publications. The American's Bulletin is a small subscription based paper covering personal freedoms, Tendance magazine is a foreign language website, and International World Press is a company focusing on health and wellness. A reasonable person would likely find it evident that this message is from Morton himself.

In the message, it is alleged that a civil lawsuit filed against The Mortons by a New York resident has been dismissed, that the SEC civil suit is going to go nowhere, that Morton has been "liabled" [SIC], that Morton is going to sue and so on. Later in the message, it is stated that the lawsuit will likely be dismissed. The lawsuit is still proceeding and it was Morton who was given another chance to file papers with the courts, not the plaintiff in the case.

The message states, "Sean and Melissa Morton, by the way are to be credited, for defending this entire action without an attorney but as Sui Juris, Pro Se Real Parties In Interest (Defendants)."

Frankly, the complaint and continuing briefs filed by Morton originally attempting to stop the SEC's investigation were nothing more than incoherent, conspiracy laden, finger pointing tirades that would make a first year law student blush. The question is if all of this was "on the up and up" as Morton claimed, why was there an attempt to even stop the investigation instead of just opening the accounting books? You know the saying - if you have nothing to hide...

The message goes on about how Morton was never given a chance to tell his side of the story, "...AND UPON WHICH THE TV SHOW “INSIDE EDITION” DID A SEGMENT, CHECKING NONE OF THE FACTS AND NEVER BOTHERING TO GET THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY!!"

Odd, considering Inside Edition confronted Morton with a camera and a reporter. When asked about the allegations of the investment scheme, Morton, clearly caught off guard, said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

With camera rolling, reporter with microphone in hand, it is nothing but dishonest to say an opportunity was not provided for Morton to tell his side of the story. The message also slams Coast To Coast AM host George Noory and staff for banning Morton from the show after the SEC served subpoenas for copies of Morton's appearances on the show.

All in all, the message is nothing short of a pep rally and back patting session clearly designed to prop the failure of Morton's alleged investment scheme on the shoulders of everyone but himself. The problem with self indulgent media is that after a while you start believing your own media...no matter how utterly ridiculous it sounds.


James Red said...

This guy looks like a used car salesman. I listen to C2C all the time and remember when SDM used to be on spouting his nonsense. Looks like karma finally bit him in the ass. Love the UFO Watchdog investigation into this twit and was glad to see UFO Watchdog won the lawsuit against SDM. Come on! If SDM is such an accomplished psychic how is it he never knows this stuff is going to happen to him?

Anonymous said...

Just amazing that not more people know what a phony Sean Morton is. His own record proves this. I think one year for his public radio predictions Sean had something like 5% right. You'd be better off trying to throw a football through a basketball hoop blindfolded.

Anonymous said...

I read the article supposedly written by Vanessa San Souci. I search the New York State Unified Court System for any information to corroborate the story that the case has been dismissed and I couldn’t find anything. Another interesting point is that it lists the date of the trial as Friday July 18, 2010. The 18th of July was actually a Sunday. It seems to me that if going to lie about a date you should at least look at a calendar to make sure that its accurate.

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019