Sep 2, 2010

Mighty Morphing Morton Bio

Mighty Morphing Morton Bio

ABOVE: Self proclaimed "psychic" and alleged financial fraudster Sean David Morton seems to morph as much as his bio.

It really is amazing, in the face of facing a federal lawsuit accusing him of defrauding investors out of millions of dollars, that Sean David Morton would still be flying his bio trying to sell spots on a cruise ship and stating the following in it:

" His political and economic predictions shocked the nation."

I don't think it would be a stretch to imagine that the investors Morton allegedly defrauded were indeed shocked by his economic predictions. Morton's bio has changed over the years and you can read one incarnation of it here.


One Who Knows All Too Well said...

I'm so glad that after all these years, Sean David Morton appears to be on his way to becoming toast.

Considering how many people he defrauded and otherwise burned in many other ways, he deserves a long prison sentence for all the harm he has done, both to individual investors, regardless of their lack of due diligence and general gullibility, and also to the general field of UFO research and ufology, such as it is, itself, by mere association and his repugnant manipulations and lies, at least in some less knowledgeable people's minds.

So, it's good to see his hubris and crimes finally caught up to him. He deserves whatever he gets and probably more.

But, in turn, t's really too bad the old Royce Meyers III website is no longer actively updated with new and even more risible and destructively reprehensible parties now on the scene.

I for one would nominate Rich R. Reynolds, who is truly one deeply disturbed and disinformational agent provocateur, intent on lamely attempting, out of misbegotten hubris and egomania, to destroy, in his own bizarre and sick manner (via his iconoclasts blog spot on blogger and related blogs and websites he maintains), and also his use and foil of his juvenile minions at his eponymous provocateur's Mickey Mouse-like "clubhouse" of junior fools, the RRR Group.

Rich Reynolds and the RRR Group really deserve their own little dungeon or Dante-ish circle of hell within the UFO Hall of Shame for their attitudes, actions, behavior, and general insanity.

Google Reynolds and RRR Group on the net and you'll begin to see what I mean. Amazingly execrable bile-mongers, indeed and in fact.

Use the Google and other search engines cache features and's "wayback machine" to find out even more facts, posts, and data Rich and crew have tried to assiduously delete over the past few years, but as they say, the internet never forgets, and neither do I.

Nor should you. Check him out and prepare to both laugh hysterically and observe how negative just one perverted human being and his cultish followers can be. He and his statements, writings, and past actions are enough to make one vomit in disgust. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any criminal charges are pending against SDM? Bernie Madoff got over 100 years in the slammer for what appears to be the same thing here. I guess we shall see what happens after the lawsuit from the SEC is all said and done. No wonder SDM got the boot from C2C.

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019