Feb 3, 2011

Morton goes on...and on...and on

Same Old Morton, Same Old Claims, Same Old Nonsense

ABOVE: Bunk psychic Sean David Morton is accused of defrauding investors
out of more $6,000,000.00.

It looks like someone gave Morton a soapbox for him to stand on and, as usual, blather on about everything. There are seven parts to this interview, but just skip ahead on part one to about eight minutes in to skip the fluff.

It was a surprise to hear Morton still making the same old claims that have been clearly refuted and endorsed by the state of California courts.

While Morton has claimed to have a doctorate degree in Theology, a new claim has been made by Morton that he has a Ph.D. in "therapeutic counseling." And Morton even claimed that he has "inhand" a mathematical formula that allows "you to access the entire space-time continuum." Uh, sure.

Morton continued to rail on about the allegations made and lawsuit filed against him by the Securities & Exchange Commission, which alleges that Morton swindled investors out of more than $6,000,000.00 in a psychic scheme.

Morton said the SEC documents do not accuse him of taking any of the money. Yes, the documents do accuse Morton of illegally diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars of investor funds to his so-called non-profit organization, PRI.

Some things never change...

UPDATE: In part of the interview linked to above, Morton actually claims that the government has a star fleet in space much like Star Trek and that we built a base on the moon. Somewhere a clock is sounding, "Koo-koo. Koo-koo."

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ufowatchdog.com said...

It'd be nice to have something more reliable that Morton's word as proof of his alleged Ph.D. Morton will post his USC degree for all to see, but his Ph.D. seems to always be elusive. The post-grad degree in theology Morton claimed was disproved some time ago.

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