Mar 17, 2011

Yet another morphing Morton bio

Mighty Morphing Morton Biography

ABOVE: Alleged investor swindler Sean David Morton

If there is one thing I believe Sean David Morton is an expert in, it would be historical revisionism. Morton has yet again rewritten his biography, one of many that have popped up over the years. I'd post the bio here, but ihis usual long winded blathering, Morton has made the bio extremely long and Blogger unfriendly - you can read it here.

Morton makes no mention of his alleged ability to accurately predict the stock market nor of the millions he claims to have made from such activities. How convenient. One thing that stuck out was Morton's claim that a self published novel that was "well reviewed" and "critically acclaimed" is supposedly moving up the charts on's sales list. The books is listed by as being ranked at 1,713,116. Maybe it moved from 1,713,117?

You can read more on Morton's ever changing and various biographies at the website undisputed investigation into Sean David Morton, "The Shameless Psychic and His Prophecy of Lies."

Litigation in the case of the Securities & Exchange Commission's fraud suit against Sean David Morton is continuing.

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