Apr 18, 2011

The Bullshit Runeth Over

Morton Tries Out Another Bio
Sean David Morton posts yet another biography in an attempt to reinvent self

ABOVE: Accused psychic scam artist Sean David Morton

How many biographies can one person have? If you ask Sean David Morton this, it appears there are no limits. In yet another dizzying and ever changing biography recently posted on Morton's website, new information is added about Morton's alleged past with Morton apparently repeating many claims that have been refuted.

Morton's previous biographical incarnations were challenged and exposed by ufowatchdog.com, leading Morton in a failed legal bid to silence the ufowatchdog.com investigation exposing Morton and his claims.

Morton, among others, stands accused of committing securities fraud and bilking over one-hundred investors out of more than $6,000,000.00. A lawsuit filed by the SEC in this matter has recently moved forward after all of Morton's attempts to quash the lawsuit have failed.

So how many more morphing biographies will we see from Morton? Any psychics out there care to give a gander into the future? I'd ask Morton to predict this, but...


Kandinsky said...

That bio is a great read of badly contrived horseshit. I laughed at his recollection of 'packing a bag and a stick' and going to England on a 'quest' for the Meonia Stone; an object as mythical and contrived as Morton's BS.

He manages to keep up a sense of breathless urgency all the way through as his 'lifepath' collides with so many historical figures.

Altogether, I'd give it maybe a 6 out of 10. It would have gotten a 7 out of 10 but he really lost me at this point...

'...not before a prophesied meeting with an Ascended Master in a waiting area of the Delhi Airport, who taught him “The God Force Meditation” which Sean has now taught to thousands all over the world.'

A waiting area in Delhi?! Dave! You should have opted for a secret temple...or hidden cave. Something more mystical than a background of speaker announcements for the next delayed flight and a thousand crying children. Ya coulda tried harder!

Anonymous said...

errrr, what happened to the Egypt College of whats-its-name, Area 51, and the ufo pictures? Sean, you really arent trying anymore, are you?

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