Apr 23, 2011

Self Congratulatory?

Self Congratulatory?

ABOVE: Alleged financial fraudster Sean David Morton.

Actually written by someone, or is this Morton patting himself on the back?

The thing that makes this supposed comment/review suspicious is the line, "Not sure if Nick forwarded this to you..." So if the guy who supposedly wrote this had Morton's e-mail address, why would he need to have someone forward it in the first place? Smells like Morton, folks...

A nice comment/review

Hi Sean,
Not sure if Nick forwarded this to you but,
A few years back you recommended I follow Nicholas Winston, that trading stocks was going to be the best way to follow golds rise.
I didn’t know anything about trading but started following you anyway… and I bought some gold and silver coins and opened a brokerage account.
Soon after, I lost my job started renting out my residence as a vacation rental and the family stayed at my sisters …when the house was rented…. I also consulted but seeming as my bills were 10k/month at the time I lost my job, that was still not enough.
Cashing in gold coins helped kept me afloat for that year and a half of being unemployed but I also started trading.
The Nicholas’s advice made a huge difference for me!
The money I made trading made all the difference, I was able to make all my bill payments.
Last year I made 180k, the most I ever made totalling all income streams even though I was unemployed for 6 months of it!
I have just bought a house in Boise, you may know how hard it is to buy a house these days but I will be able to keep some money in my brokerage, I didn’t sell my house in CA and I have had emergency after emergency pop up but still able to purchase the second home.

To make a long story short, Thanks!
Sean you have made the difference in my life that without, like a house of cards (that most of us lead our lives), could have come tumbling down.
But didn’t.


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