Jun 25, 2011

What a Tangled Web the Internet Can Be

What a Tangled Web the Internet Can Be
Psychic and wife accused of defrauding investors come out of hiding

ABOVE: Phony psychic Sean David Morton allegedly defrauded $6mil from investors in what
the Securities & Exchange Commission describe as a "psychic scheme."

After attempting to dodge process servers and a myriad of unconventional, if not simply ridiculous, legal maneuvering, it looks like Sean David Morton and co-defendant/wife Melissa Ann Morton (aka Melissa Granger, Melissa Thomson) have come out of hiding - online at least.

While the Securities & Exchange Commission lawsuit accusing The Mortons of defrauding one-hundred investors out of over $6,000,000.00 is continuing, The Mortons seem busy reinventing themselves online with new Facebook pages.

Melissa Morton, who is listed on Facebook as Thomson Melissa, lists her info as:

"I am the manager of Heaven & Earth. I help people reprogram the unconscious mind to rid yourself of bad habits, diseases, addictions, breakups, blocks, etc. and give intuitive advice to help you live your life to its grandest and fullest potential! I absolutely love everything about life! It is truly a miracle...from a beautiful sunset, to the birds singing, to flowers blowing in a gentle breeze. Always take time to notice even the smallest things in life. When you have a bad day, there is always something wonderful in nature to make you smile and brighten your day!"

Oddly enough, she doesn't list her past employers or her position managing the failed investment funds she's being sued for. I know, no one wants to put a bad job on their resume these days.

And it looks as though Sean David Morton's Facebook page is light on all of his reputed educational credentials, such as his non-existent "advanced degree in drama" or his bogus "doctorate degree in Theology."

The Internet is a great place for people to write about themselves, deflect truths, and most of al, reel in new fish...


Anonymous said...

Oh will Sean ever quit? Not bloody likely. Say, what's ole Horn up to these days? He dared me to make films like his hero Billy, instead of explaining how such childish footage could even be taken seriously. Oh well, luv the site, and blog, Pete of Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

Melissa's love and light bs is going to make me puke. She is one of the most greedy women I've ever seen. It's not the miracle of life that makes her happy, it's money. That goes double for Sean.

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