Oct 23, 2011

Federal Court Attracts Paranormal Nuts

UFO Nut Greer Lands Himself in Federal Court

ABOVE: Steven Greer is charged with operating a commercial venture and trespassing on federal property.

It looks like Sean David Morton isn't the only who has recently landed himself in hot water in Federal Court. While the matter involving Morton allegedly defrauding investors out of more than $6,000,000 is being handled in a federal civil court, but may potentially become a federal criminal matter, CSETI UFO nut Steven Greer has been charged with several federal violations.

Greer, who has been taking money from people to show them how to "vector in" UFOs and other nonsense, is alleged to have been operating on a federal wildlife refuge without permission. You can read more about it here. I'm sure Greer will use whatever part of the $2,500 he charges per person to take his "ambassador program" to help pay any fines he might be given by the court.

$2,500 to wave a flashlight around at night and to sit with your legs crossed meditating? Seriously? Do yourself a favor and try giving that money to a worthy charity instead of wasting your time being deluded into believing you can contact space aliens. Seriously.

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Lillian Kress said...

If more people were aware of the not-so-public details such as this, maybe they'd be less motivated to defend people like Dr. Greer. Why is there a price tag on knowledge that is supposed to be of such great importance? Maybe it's not knowledge he's selling at all. Maybe its just a feel good emotion, yes?

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