Oct 28, 2011

The "California Bear Flag Republic" Will Save Us!

Morton Tries Baffling Way Out of Lawsuit

ABOVE: Alleged psychic scam artist Sean David Morton is accused of defrauding investors out of over $6mil in what has been called a "psychic scheme."

In what has amounted to a mountain of legal mumbo-jumbo and play on owrds. sean david Morton continues to file what some might consider to be bewildering motions with the U.S. Distric Court in New York, as the SEC awaits Morton and his co-defendant/wife to answer a lawsuit filed by the SEC. The Mortons were ordered to file a response to the lawsuit filed by the SEC, but have to date failed to file a direct answer tothe charges leveld against them.

The Mortons have instead chosen to file a number of baffling motions with the court, including this gem:

I'm curious why Morton thought it would be okay to file a lawsuit against ufowatchdog.com since I was not a resident of California at the time? Of course, this is the same Sean David Morton who claimed that I had no valid claim to have his lawsuit dismissed because he claimed, based on a newspaper article, that UFOs did not exist - this in spite of Morton's extreme views on UFOs and government conspiracies. Anyone familiar with Morton knows that contradictions abound.

The Mortons were given until October the first part of October to file a direct answer to the lawsuit filed against them, which it appears they have failed to do. The SEC appears to be poised to receive a summary judgement against The Mortons.

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Anonymous said...

He is doing the straw man thing. He is also not paying his bills for the same reason.

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