Apr 26, 2012

Look Around

Just a short note on a question someone recently asked: Do you believe in UFOs?  The answer is a resounding no.  I'd been interested in this topic since 1994 and while, yes, people do see strange things flying around and have unusual experiences, there is no solid evidence that little grey guys n' gals are floating around our planet.

What I have found to be true is there exist a multitude of con artists and unmedicated fools more than willing to take people for a ride of their own in a desperate way to fulfill financial and psychological needs at the expense of others.  Not to mention the nasty, vindictive and oft found pieces of human debris that take pleasure in nothing but waiting for someone to collide with since they have nothing better to do but make their misery yours.

I've discovered there are far more important things on this little blue floating rock.  Look around sometime and you might discover the same...


Anonymous said...

The last line says it all!!

Anonymous said...

Great work on UFOwatchdog.com

We have a simular project that your work inspired called internettruth.org

Would love to have your input.

You are in our Hall of Fame.


Mike said...
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