Apr 12, 2012

Website Exposes Kal K. Korff Past

Website Exposes, Counters Kal K. Korff's Past
A website by an anonymous group exposes the past claims of
Kal K. Korff and accuses Korff of lying

ABOVE: Kal K. Korff wearing military insignia claims he is an officer in a counter-terrorism unit that doesn't exist.

There isn't much to say on this one. Visit the website yourself and prepare yourself for a long read, as the website thoroughly destroys Korff claim by claim and year by year. Below is a dandy picture of Korff found on the site and a blog mercilessly blasting Korff called Kal Korff is an Idiot. Great. Now I'm blind.


Anonymous said...

Korff has now retreated to the safety of facebook since he was exposed, where he has two friends that he lets comment on his posts, these two people obviously don't know how to use google to find out what a lunatic this guy is.

Anonymous said...

Korffing Syndicate

We have our own Kal Korff Face Book page as well:


We will never stop.

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019