Apr 17, 2013

Sirius-ly Skewed

Early Test Results on Humanoid Released

Greer releases alleged test results on humanoid body he claims is extraterrestrial

UFO believer Steven Greer has released new information about the Atacama Humanoid that has been played up as being an authentic extraterrestrial body.  Make no mistake about it, Greer has stated as fact in radio interviews and in print that the humanoid (pictured above) is indeed an extraterrestrial being.

Alleged test results released today state that findings show the humanoid is "male" and survived for a period of "6 to 8 years" post birth".  No other information about the testing has been released.

The obvious question here is that if this an extraterrestrial, how does anyone know it to be male?  The real problem here lies within the carrot being dangled by Greer and the film Sirius; if the humanoid body testing concludes it not to be human in origin, this does not equate it to being extraterrestrial.  Any number of new life forms are found on earth in a given year from rain forests to the oceans. If the Atacama Humanoid is proven to be an undocumented life form, it would be incredible but again does not immediately mean it is extraterrestrial.

Greer has already advertised that the area the humanoid body was found in has UFO activity.  So by this default logic the humanoid surely is extraterrestrial.  This is like saying everyone who lives near a gravel quarry must own a lot of rocks.  Greer's attempt to tie supposed UFO activity in the area and the humanoid body into one convenient package is nonsensical.

Sirius is some serious trouble if it doesn't live up to the hype, and not many are expecting it will.

05/01/13:  Someone asked where Greer had claimed this now clearly human body was extraterrestrial.  Not only did Greer make this proclamation on radio, he also made it in the film Sirius where Greer states, while describing a skull fracture on the body, "That's how this ET being was killed."

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