Apr 16, 2013


Alleged Alien Body in Film Nothing New

Dr. Steven Greer's upcoming film Sirius is looking more like Alien Autopsy II
than any sort of startling revelation

If at first you don't succeed, rinse and repeat.  Recycling tidbits from alleged UFOs and aliens is nothing new.  Remember the alleged piece of Roswell debris and how many times that was passed off as authentic?  How about Alien Autopsy and word from the producers that there was another film that hadn't been released?  In all, these and other wild claims have spawned a number of clones and rip offs.

It should come as no surprise then that the alleged alien being promoted in Steven Greer's upcoming film Sirius has a similar history.  The good folks at The Huffington Post, among others, have pointed out that this alleged alien body already made the rounds ten years ago.

Found in October 2003, a local was digging around in the ruins of a Chilean ghost town near an old church when he discovered the remains wrapped in a white cloth.  The remains were sold a few times before winding up in the hands of a Barcelona businessman named Ramon Navia-Osorio, who also happens to head a UFO organization.  Rumor is that Greer discovered the creature during a trip to Barcelona.

Navia-Osorio had the remains examined by several experts, including a forensic medical specialist who concluded the remains were that of a human fetus.  But this information apparently did not refrain Greer from promoting supposed DNA evidence and making a sensationalized trailer for the Sirius film.

Greer used Kickstarter to raise the money for the film and testing and called it "the highest documentary crowd funding in history."  The film will premiere April 22, 2013 and can be purchased for streaming.

Admittedly, the trailer for the film is extremely well done.  However, it looks as though once this film premieres it will quickly become a less than memorable drop in the pan. That is, unless there is solid and independently verifiable evidence presented.  But like a lot of Greer's evidence, including his claims of a military led nerve gas attack on aliens, this is looking more like a grab for dollars than a pure pursuit of one of the greatest mysteries.

04/17/13: A person named David Wilcock appears in the trailer for the Sirius film. For those unfamiliar with Wilcock, he claims to be the reincarnation of Edgar Casey. This is not the type of currency that buys you any sort of credibility.

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