Aug 18, 2013

An interesting search

So if you search 'Sean David Morton' on you get the following result for a book:

"Securities Fraud: Detection, Prevention and Control"

My, how appropriate.

Why would I be surfing for this bucket of dirt, Sean David Morton?  I'm looking for a very early self published biography written by none other than America's worst financial psychic himself.  It was either written in the early 90s and is pretty hard to find.  I'll pay decent money for a copy.


Anonymous said...

Try this link ..,%20Sean%20David.html

for 3 books by Morton.

Anonymous said...

Here is a seller, I think.

Marc said...

lol .. I am listening to Sean David Morton on Art Bell from 1996. Every prediction he made was wrong.

Stan Freidman, 1935-2019