Aug 27, 2013

The lunatics are free again!

Just a quick note that late night radio legend Art Bell will be returning to the airwaves via the Sirius radio network and is jumping right out of the gate by parading well known fraudster "Dr. Reed" - you know, the guy who claimed to kill an alien in the woods and then took the body home and stuffed it in a freezer?  Yeah, that guy, who really isn't "Dr. Reed" but a Seattle based con man named John Bradley Rutter.

When will the UFO nuts just stop...?  Way too much crazy out there and way too many lunatics eating it all up.


Anonymous said...

September 7, 2013

You were asking when will the UFO nuts just stop?

This will NOT happen UNTIL serious UFO researchers band together, and expose everyone of these charlatans for their brazen bad behavior.

In addition, then have the Federal Attorney General, and or various state Attorney Generals go after these people for their fraudulent activities, and sentencing these clowns jail time WILL stop a lot of the garbage that goes on now from happening in the future. Drying up the money supply in the UFO field, will go a long way in bringing credibility to this field.

Steve Zalewski,
Syracuse, NY

Anonymous said...

I really hope UFOwatchdog did accurate investigation to claim these told stories are fake. It was reported that Reed was hiding under a different name and living in different areas which is what anyone would do if they were being chased. He made it clear he was fleeing and hiding so don't use the name and location excuse as a debunker. The only thing that could make him look like a fraud is that he's making money off his books, which obviously means his best intentions aren't there. If he wants to relay a true message it should have been without involving making money.

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