Dec 14, 2013

This joke never gets old...

How can a psychic not see it coming?  Then again, this is Sean David Morton I'm making reference to.  Looks like the embattled bunk psychic/stock market huckster has once again lost his quest to get the Securities Exchange Commission's recent victory in court against him and his wife, co-conspirator Melissa Ann Morton, overturned on appeal.

Morton apparently did not pay the filing fee for the appeal, I believe he claimed he was broke and asked that the filing fee be waived.  So how does Morton go from stock market psychic to broke and not know it was going to happen?

Rumors abound that Morton and his wife have been evicted from the so-called headquarters of his Prophecy Research Institute - indeed, you can read all about this sprawling campus of a "research institute" right here

But don;t fret too much for The Mortons; it looks like scamming people out of their money and being on the receiving end of financial hardship (well, at least according to court documents they filed) hasn't stopped them from attending all those USC football games or playing at Disneyland.  Then again, I'm sure that Disneyland employee discount is a decent benefit to have.

Too bad some of the people who lost their life savings to The Mortons can't afford to run off to football games or visit The Mouse...

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