Dec 22, 2013

Where the fuck is Bigfoot...?

Okay, long story short:  A guy named Rick Dyer claimed he shot and killed Bigfoot.  Dyer said he'd sell DVDs showing the body and a separate video showing an autopsy.

Dyer, pictured left after he was arrested on fraud charges not related to Bigfoot, also got himself a cool looking SUV and a trailer so he could drive the Bigfoot body all over the country showing it off to those who would pay. Nifty!

Oh, and there was a pay-per-view last week where you could pay to see the body.

That Pay-per-view?  Never happened.  Those DVDs?  Never shipped.  The body?  Nobody has seen it.  Dyer keeps promising, but appears to be awfully short of any delivery.  Big surprise.

Throw all of this Bigfoot drama together and you have a big pile of steaming Sasquatch poo that Dyer has stepped right into.  Apparently Dyer invited someone who is known in Bigfoot circles to come view the body, only to ditch the guy after he flew to Los Angeles to meet Dyer.

So who is this Dyer character who claims to have shot, killed, and autopsied Biggfoot?  Many claim he has a long history of fraud including ripping people off on eBay.  Some Bigfoot fans think he's the second coming with his rather loud bravado, often sounding like Bill Clinton denying he ever had "sex with that woman".  Dyer is/was a used car salesman.  Big Surprise again.

Just give this simply awful rap video Dyer has up a view - it is painful in both song and vanity Dyer pays to himself.  And I thought the UFO people were weird, ego oriented, vain, and living vicariously through the Internet.  Anyhow, this has caused a big stir in the Bigfoot world and there is so much drama and nonsense going on that I really don't feel like taking the time to put it all here.  Just do a search and you'll find plenty to fill any amount of free time you might have.

This isn't the first time Dyer has claimed to have a dead Bigfoot.  Remember back in 2008 when two men were paid $50,000 for a dead Bigfoot?  Yep, that hoax also involved Dyer. Big surprise, eh?

In the meantime, check out this cool picture of Dyer's SUV and trailer he says he's going to haul Bigfoot around in...nifty.  Eat your heart out Ray Santilli!

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