May 16, 2014


Thirdphaseofmoon, a prolific UFO video channel hosted by a guy named Blake Cousins, has posted this silly video in which he and someone else associated with Thirdphaseofmoon ramble on about how this video from the ISS (see below) shows a "craft" that "stalks" the ISS.  They also go on to talk about how this is likely a "mothership" UFO.

Had they taken fifteen seconds and watched the video closely instead of wetting their pants and screaming aliens, they'd find this is likely a reflection and nothing less.  During the video you can see a shadow on the ISS in the lower left hand corner.  As the shadow moves over the ISS, the lights on the non-existent UFO disappear at the same time.  And there are lights on the ISS that correspond with the lights on Thridphaseofmoon's "mothership" UFO.

Sensationalists with their own agendas - be it fantasy or creating ad revenue from videos - are a big part of the problem why much of this subject is the recipient of ridicule and academic disdain.

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