May 31, 2014

Thirdphaseofmmon caught hoaxing...again.

While this video is a bit long, it is worth watching.  The short of it is this:  Blacke Cousins (who runs Thirdphaseofmoon) claims he traveled to the Philippines to investigate an alleged monster sighting caught on film.  The video shows Cousins hopping into a back of a truck and traveling to what he calls a remote village.  The problem is that he isn't in the Philippines, he's actually in Hawaii and this whole thing is clearly staged.

Some allege that Cousins and his cohorts are receiving quite a bit of money from their YouTube ad revenue streams and that the majority of their UFO videos are hoaxed.  It is clear that a number of the UFO videos shown on the Thirdphaseofmoon channel are hoaxed.

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batcave911 said...

the house he was at, is actually around the corner... google often fudges it by a block or so...

also, notice the wooden barn seen in the drive is also around the corner, and a pic of the house itself


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