15 June 2017

Sean David Morton's Legal Shenanigans Shut Down

Sean David Morton, who was convicted of numerous felony crimes in a tax fraud case, is scheduled to be sentence this coming Monday, June 19th in federal court.  Prosecutors are recommending Morton be sentenced to 87 months in prison.

Before, throughout, and after the trial Morton has attempted at every turn to inundate the court with an inordinate amount of nonsensical motions and paperwork in attempt to slow down or shut down proceedings.  Morton attempted to do this when the SEC sued him for bilking investors out of more than $6,000,000.00.

Most recently, Morton asked that his sentencing be rescheduled so he could have time to receive discovery from the prosecution.  The only problem is he already received discovery, had his day in court, was convicted, and this request was a repeat of a previous argument Morton made that had previously been denied.  The court quickly denied Morton's latest motion advising it was a repeat of an argument Morton had already made.

Morton also filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit Court claiming he had not been given a fair trial.  Morton's motion was again denied and the court also ordered all future motions filed by Morton would be considered "moot" and "No further filings will be entertained in this closed case."

Morton has appeared on YouTube and various Internet streaming shows claiming he has been railroaded by the courts and that he's the victim in this case, just as he had when he swindled investors out of more than $6mil.

Morton has also been repeating numerous claims that have been proved false about himself including discovering Freedom Ridge at Area 51, exposing Area 51 to the national media, living with monks in Tibet, working with Gene Roddenberry on Star Trek, being part of the SRI remote viewing project and more.

In just under three days as of this article, Morton is to appear in court for his criminal sentencing.  What's amusing in this is that Morton's so-called psychic abilities failed to see any of this coming...

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