Sep 15, 2017

Morton Facing More Time in Prison

Sean David Morton and Melissa Ann Morton
Prosecutors in the Sean David Morton tax fraud case have recommended to a judge that Morton be sentenced to 109 months in federal prison; prosecutors had previously asked for 87 months.

Morton was convicted in April on over 50 felony counts in federal court for a tax scheme he and his wife had perpetrated.  Morton failed to show for his sentencing and became a wanted fugitive spending 61 days on the run before he and his wife were apprehended by federal agents at a hotel in Desert Hot Springs, California where the couple was staying to watch the solar eclipse on August 21st.

Melissa Morton was not a fugitive at the time of her arrest, but she had violated a release agreement in which she was not to have any contact with her fugitive husband pending her criminal sentencing.

The additional 22 months in prison prosecutors are asking for is due to Morton failing to appear for his sentencing.  Prosecutors also noted in a recently filed sentencing recommendation Morton's appearance in a video with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot where Morton claimed there was no warrant issued for his arrest and claimed there was no evidence to convict him.  In the video Morton called prosecutors in the case and the presiding judge "the biggest gang of criminals you're ever gonna' see."

Morton also claimed the federal government made over $417,000,000.00 from his criminal case through investment bonds, though Morton has not offered any evidence of this extremely wild claim.  To hear Morton ramble on more, you can see the video here.

Morton and his wife are scheduled to be sentenced this coming Monday, September 18th at 11AM (PST).  Morton's wife is facing 78 months in federal prison.  The Mortons remain lodged without bail with prosecutors citing they both pose a significant flight risk.


Anonymous said...

Why do you care so much about Sean Morton? I remember him as a C2C guest in the 90s and that's it. You've been on him since before his tax problems, SEC problems, etc., so that's not it. Did you have some personal relationship or encounter with the guy?

ArizonaWill said...

So you can commit 50 felonies and this will only get you 9 years in prison? But someone who gets caught smoking pot in the wrong place gets 20? Knowing that Sean will be on his best behavior at all times, will he be out in 3 to 5? Some justice system we have today. said...

Morton was one of a number of people discrediting UFOs with their nonsense, baseless claims, and outright lies. People had a right to know 95% of his claims were rubbish.

Anonymous said...

So you admit it! 5% of his claims are TRUE!!!

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