Mar 10, 2020

Well Known UFO Physical Evidence Specialist Passes

TED PHILLIPS (1942 - 2020)

I received word today that Ted Phillips has passed away and had been experiencing health problems over the last year or so.

Ted was born in 1942 and began investigating UFOs in 1964 eventually working alongside Dr. J. Allen Hynek for nearly twenty years.  Having vigorously investigated over 600 UFO cases, Ted focused on trace evidence cases at the suggestion of Dr. Hynek and was the director of the Center for Physical Trace Research.  Ted's trace evidence files contain over 5,000 UFO landing cases worldwide.

Along with Dr. Hynek, astronaut Gordon Cooper and scientist Jacques Vallee, Ted gave a presentation to the United Nations Secretary General on UFOs, has presented at countless conferences and was featured on several television programs.

Ted wrote on his website, "After 30 years of research it is obvious that UFO traces represent the most direct approach to resolving the UFO mystery."

Ted's contributions to the serious study of UFOs is unparalleled as was his doggedness in pursuing field investigations.  

Ted was a professional photographer, an engineer who worked on the Minute Man Missile Project, an inspector for a state highway department, and a jazz musician.

Godspeed, Ted.

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